Readers ask: How To Draw Joker Step By Step?

How to Draw The Joker

Download the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is added every week, so stay up to date!

What is the Colour of Joker?

Why isn’t there any purple? The Joker’s iconic color combination was green and purple, so why isn’t there any purple? After thinking about it and Arthur’s new wardrobe, I came to the following conclusion: Purple represents royalty, and Arthur is anything but royal.

How did Joker get his scars?

According to the Joker, his wife got into trouble with gambling sharks who “carved her face,” and given his chaotic nature, it’s also possible that he gave himself the scars simply because he could, rather than because he had a wife with a disfigured face.

What kind of makeup does the Joker use?

“The MAC Chromacakes in Cyan, Pure White, Basic Red, Landscape Green, and Black Black were the main products I used for the Joker and all the clowns,” Ledermann said. Joaquin Phoenix says “one of the best scenes” from “Joker” was cut from the film.

What are the Joker scars called?

A Glasgow smile (also known as a Chelsea smile, or a Glasgow, Chelsea, Huyton, A buck 50, or Cheshire grin) is a wound caused by cutting a victim’s mouth from the corners up to the ears, leaving a smile-shaped scar.

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