Readers ask: How To Draw Dragon Legs And Feet?

How to Draw a Dragon (Step by Step with Pictures)

Many people are hesitant to learn how to draw a dragon because they believe it is difficult; however, by following these 12 steps, you will be a master at drawing dragons in no time. Having the right tools for the job will aid your drawing process, and these visuals will make the process completely simple.

Step 1: Drawing a dragon’s head

Drawing a European dragon is not as difficult as it may appear. Begin by drawing the head shape – this will be your head – and then draw a carrot to help you place the snout in the dragon’s face.

Step 2: Draw line for dragon’s body

In this exercise, we’ll draw a circle in the shape of a W, but not as pointy as a W; instead, the edges should be round and fluid, giving us an idea of where the peaks and dips should be.

Step 3: Draw line for dragon’s legs

The front leg will be shaped like a > symbol, with the elbow as the point, and the back leg will be shaped like the opposite: with the knee!

Step 4: Draw dragon’s horn

Create a small upwards line at the top of the circle, then swoop that line into a downward arc, and finally a flourish back towards the top.

Step 5: Draw dragon’s wings

To guide where the wing will fold over itself, draw a line starting at an angle and connecting it to a curved line going down; it’s okay if it crosses over the tail line.

Step 6: Drawing shape of the dragon

As you can see, this dragon has a very angular style. The bottom lip comes to close just below the top lip due to the way the teeth close in on each other, so you’ll want to draw your line first before adding the squared-off chin.

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Step 7: Add dragon’s flared scales

Create a batwing-like shape with the peaks facing right, and flared scales at the back of the circle! Next, draw a connecting line for the wing joint to help guide where the shoulder begins.

Drawing the drawing legs

Starting with the front leg, find the shoulder line you just made in the previous step and draw a line in the opposite direction, not too long but large enough to show some muscle on this dragon; he’s a big guy, so his body should reflect that. Consider how your own arm looks: the shoulder flows into the tricep/bicep, then your elbow flows into your forearm.

Drawing the dragon shoulder

Create a nice large shoulder with a triangle shape going downwards toward the peak of the > symbol from earlier steps; you’ll narrow the width as you go down; once you reach that peak, come out in a V shape to the right, ending with a little tick inwards (this is your elbow claw), then come back into the elbow so your claw is shaped like an upsidedown L.

Create a small claw on the foot, then extend that line horizontally across to meet where you planned out your feet! I like to draw an arc on the foot to remind myself where the “fingers” will be later u2013 this is optional.

Time for the back leg now!

Find the beginning of the line you created earlier, and this time we’re going to make a sort of “butt”-looking muscle. Think of it as a second shoulder, but for the hind legs! This will be much wider and larger than the front legs, as the dragon’s center of balance is in the back.

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Step 9: Erase overlapping lines

Erase overlapping lines! Remove the circle from the head and the lines that cut through the legs from the body; we don’t need them any longer.

Step 10: Add more details

Close off the tail line with a matching line above it, going from a wider width to a point with a smaller width. From the top flare on the head (the largest one), we’ll extend that line for the eyebrow ridge, making sure to give it some angular shaping u2013 it shouldn’t be a straight line. Still, at the head, let’s move on to teeth.

Step 11: Drawing details of dragon’s face

Close off the teeth by connecting the open points on the triangles.Add some ridgelines to the horns and that little backward “S” shape on the chest (make sure the lines get bended as you go towards the back of the head).

What is a dragon foot?

The Dragon’s Foot (, Doragon Shto;, Rytai Sh) is regarded as a leg of the highest nature, found on only one person in a million, and is characterized by an in habitual development of the four muscular bodies of the femoral quadriceps, allowing you to deliver incredible power.

What is a dragon with two legs called?

In most languages, cultures, and contexts, there is no distinction between wyverns and dragons; however, in English, Scottish, and Irish heraldry since the sixteenth century, the key distinction has been that a wyvern has two legs, whereas a dragon has four.

What is a dragons paw called?

I refer to dragon feet as ‘talons,’ but if you want to be technical, their forelegs should be called ‘hands,’ and their backlegs should be called ‘feet,’ as that is the terminology used for reptile appendages.

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Do dragons have fingers?

Dragons have poor tactile sense due to their scales and thick hides.

What is a bearded dragon hand called?

Bearded dragons display a hand-waving gesture to show submission (most commonly when acknowledging another bearded dragon’s territory) and a head-bobbing display to show dominance between dragons.

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