Readers ask: How To Draw A Raccoon Face Easy?

How to Draw a Raccoon Face Step by Step

From a basic sketch to a fully shaded realistic looking drawing, this step-by-step tutorial shows how to draw a raccoon’s face from the front view.

Step 1 – Draw a Construction Line Shape of the Raccoon’s Head

Raccoons have a very distinctive pattern on their faces, with dark fur around the eyes that transitions to the fur on their cheeks, a fairly pointy snout, fluffy fur, and ears that point upwards and slightly to the sides.

Step 2 – Make a Line Drawing of the Face

Draw some of the smaller details of the head, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose, inside the construction lien framework. Raccoons have large pupils that cover the major visible area of the eyes, so you can simply draw them as a set of circles.

Step 3 – Begin Shading

Begin by filling in the eyes, nose, and highlights, then applying some basic strokes to the darker parts of the raccoon’s fur in the general direction of the fur. See the Shading Techniques and Stroke Types Drawing Tutorial for an explanation of different stroke types.

Step 4 – Continue Shading

The main “in shadow” areas will be below the chin and inside the ears. Shade these areas with darker strokes but not as dark as the black fur in this tutorial.

Step 5 – Refine the Shading

Apply small strokes to the darker areas of the raccoon’s fur, making them thicker at the base and narrower at the tips to make them look like individual hairs.

Step 6 – Finish the Drawing

It will take some time to draw a raccoon face because you will need to use a lot of small strokes to imitate the raccoon’s fur, and you will want to darken the shading overall while being careful not to overdo it.

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Optional Step – Adding the Whiskers

If you have an XBox or a Paintball machine, you can also scan your drawing and add it digitally.


Due to all of the details and the need to balance light and shadow, this is a fairly difficult tutorial; however, if you enjoy a challenge and would like to try some more similar tutorials, check out these other sites.

Who eats the raccoon?

If given the opportunity, bobcats, mountain lions, and pumas will all hunt raccoons, helping to keep the raccoon population in check. These large predators can eat both juvenile and adult raccoons.

Where do raccoons live?

Raccoons prefer forested areas or woods, preferably near a natural water source, and prefer deciduous forests with plenty of trees for cover. They also prefer mountain regions and marshes, as well as areas with dense brush.

What is a good name for a racoon?

Raccoon Names That Are Adorable

  • Adora (French origin), which means “adorable.”
  • Babe (Jewish origin), which is perfect for a precious baby raccoon.
  • Candy (US origin), which means “sweet as a candy.”
  • Cuddles (Scottish origin), which is a perfect name for a cute little one.
  • Dash (English origin), which is one of the cute raccoon names, which is ideal for a little rascal.

How the raccoon got its mask?

Raccoon was returning home after a night of hunting when he came across Raven’s house in the woods. Raccoon was immediately enamored with the rings and was determined to obtain them. Later that night, as it grew dark, Raccoon put on a mask to hide his face and lit a torch to carry under his chin.

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How do you make a raccoon ear?

To make a complete furry Rocket Raccoon ear, use hot glue to attach the furry ear fabric to the foam pieces, cover the back of the fabric with glue and press it on, then press another furry ear piece to the back.

Can raccoons paint?

Did you know that raccoons have a natural talent for abstract painting? Take a look at Piper and Cheeto’s work to see how they use only their paws to create vibrant works of art.

How do you shade a face?

To create a shadow, shade up into the outline of two small ovals for the nostrils, then start shading a slightly lighter shade as you move toward the center of the nose from the left side.

How do I learn to draw portraits?

Here are some portrait drawing tips:

  1. Start with the eyes and work your way down to the nose and mouth.
  2. Allow the darkness of the hair to aid in the creation of the lighter edge of the face.

What are the steps for drawing?

There are four steps from the blank sheet of paper to the finished drawing:

  • Making a simple sketch.
  • Preparing the sketch for a preliminary drawing.
  • Shading the preliminary drawing.

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