Readers ask: How To Draw A Face Girl Easy?

How to Draw a Female Face Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to draw and proportion a female face, with examples for each step that you can use in any medium. If you’re drawing with pencil and paper, make light strokes for the first few steps so you can easily erase the guide lines.

Defining Features of a Female Face

According to a 1974 study by the University of Pennsylvania’s National Institute for Female Genes and Sexually Transracial Studies (NSTRS), female faces are rounder, have fewer prominent facial features, and have smaller chins than male faces.

Face Proportions

This is a general guide to female face drawing proportions; please keep in mind that facial features and their placement vary from person to person. In the example above, you can see the general position of various facial features in relation to one another.

How to Draw a Face

Create a rough sketch of all of the facial features and do your best to ensure they are correctly placed. For each individual person, keep different parts of your drawing in roughly the same state of completion as the other parts of the body.

Step 1 – Drawing the Female Head

To ensure that both sides of the head are of equal width, draw a vertical line through the middle of your drawing area, then draw a circle for the top part of the face, then project lines that first go to the jaw area, then curve inwards and go down.

Step 2 – Refine the Shape of the Head

You can slightly alter the shape of the top of the head for this step, as it will rarely be a perfect half circle, and add a hint of the cheek bones and eyebrows.

Step 3 – Proportioning the Face

Create guidelines for the first set of facial features by dividing the face into four sections and drawing horizontal lines from the hairline area of the head down to the chin in a way that the face is divided into three evenly spaced sections.

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Step 4 – Placing the Eyebrows

For a female face drawing, draw the brows directly below the second line from the top of the head (the one after the hairline line).

Step 5 – Placing the Nose

For the first sketch, divide the nose into flat planes for the front, sides, and bottom. An average nose will go slightly past the middle portions of the three even divisions, while longer noses can go further down.

Step 6 – Placing the Ears

Draw the outline of the ears in the middle of the three evenly spaced divisions, touching the second and third lines from the top; see also:. Female face drawing ear placement – how do you draw the ears in a woman’s face?

Step 7 – Placing the Eyes

Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the shape of the eyes (just the outline) on it. Place the eyes far enough apart that another eye can fit in between them, and make the eyes slightly smaller than the width of one eye.

Step 8 – Placing the Mouth

To represent the bottom of the mouth, draw a horizontal line between the nose and the chin. The bottom lip is typically larger than the top, so proportion your drawing accordingly. For more on drawing lips, see How to Draw Different Types of Lips.

Drawing Female Eyes

Draw the circles of the irises inside the shape of the eyes, with the top part slightly covered by the eyelids and the bottom just touching the bottom eyelid. Bigger, wider open eyes can give a more youthful and feminine appearance.

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Drawing a Female Nose

A line drawing of a female nose can be difficult to do because the more you define its shape, the less feminine it will appear. For more information on drawing noses, see our 3 Step Nose Side View Drawing Tutorial.

Drawing Female Lips

Draw the top lip in the shape of a flattened “M,” while the bottom lip is usually two evenly split curves that meet at the bottom of the mouth. For more information on drawing lips, see How to Draw Lips From Three Different Views and Three Different Views of the Lip.

Female Ears Drawing

We will not go into drawing the ears for this tutorial because they are part of the human body and must be covered by the user’s own hair. How to Draw an Ear Step by Step u2013 Side View -.


Simply make the eyebrows relatively thin for a more feminine look; we’re only doing an outline drawing of the eyebrows in this tutorial, so don’t worry about intricate detail.

Step 10 – Drawing the Outline of the Hair

The way you draw the hair will vary depending on the hairstyle; in this case, the hair is split into two major shapes running from the parting line, with the left side of the drawing becoming larger as more hair is flipped to the left.

Step 11 – Drawing the Hair Details

Follow the steps below to add some detail to your model’s hair; for more on drawing female hair, see: How to Draw Hair Step by Step Tutorial. How to Draw Female Hair Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Step 12 – Drawing the Eyelashes

When viewed face-side down, eyelashes tend to grow more towards the outer half of the eyes (away from the middle). Draw the individual hairs of the eyelashes with slightly different distances between them, and try to make the overall distribution of hairs fairly even.

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It takes a lot of effort to draw a face correctly, and female faces are especially difficult because there are fewer well-defined lines with which to show the shape of the face. If you find yourself struggling, don’t give up. If you practice on a regular basis and draw in the correct way, you can significantly improve your skill as an artist.

How do you draw a girl’s face easy?

Let’s get started learning how to draw a girl’s face.

  1. Step 2 u2014 Draw the Ears.
  2. Step 3 u2014 Add Hair to the Face.
  3. Step 4 u2014 Next, Draw the Eyes.
  4. Step 5 u2014 Finally, Draw the Nose.
  5. Step 6 u2014 Add a Bright Smile to the Face.

How do you shade a face?

To create a shadow, shade up into the outline of two small ovals for the nostrils, then start shading a slightly lighter shade as you move toward the center of the nose from the left side.

How can I draw better faces?

What is the best way to draw a face?

  1. Start with two circles to form the base of the head.
  2. Add construction lines to position the features.
  3. Experiment with different proportions.
  4. Line up the features.
  5. Start with the eyes.
  6. Add in the nose.
  7. Try different lip shapes.
  8. Think about the differences between male and female faces.

How do you draw a easy girl for kids?


  1. Draw a circle for the head.
  2. Add a hairline with bangs.
  3. Add eyes, nose, and mouth.
  4. Add two pigtails.
  5. Add a neck and simple dress.
  6. Add two legs and feet below.
  7. Add two arms.
  8. Add a pocket and ground line.

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