Readers ask: How To Draw A Desk In One Point Perspective?

One Point Perspective Room Drawing Tutorial – AnimeOutline

This tutorial will show you how to draw a room in one point perspective, which will come in handy when drawing background scenes for anime or manga, as well as other art styles like digital art and 3D modeling.

About One Point Perspective

A vanishing point is the point at which objects in a drawing turn into a dot or fade away into the distance. The Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners and How It Relates to Anime explains how perspective drawing works from an anime perspective.

Before You Begin Drawing

If you’re drawing on paper, draw light lines that are easy to erase; if you’re drawing digitally, you have more options, but you’ll usually want to erase the guidelines/perspective lines after each step, as well as the parts of the objects that will be covered by other objects.

Step 1 – Drawing the Room

Draw an empty room using the One Point Perspective technique, with a horizontal line to represent the viewer’s eye level and a back wall as the vanishing point. Erase the perspective lines inside the wall rectangle once you’re finished (leave the horizon line).

Step 2 – Drawing the Objects/Furniture in the Room

Drawing basic objects in one point perspective: First, correctly place all of the major shapes; for these examples, simply draw out the front side of the object and then project the perspective lines to each corner; do not draw the details. After you’ve drawn all of the furniture, draw the computer monitor.

Step 3 – Drawing The Computer Chair

Draw a computer chair base and backrest in perspective using the one-point perspective technique, then project perspective lines and draw the back side based on the front side. Draw the part that connects the seat to the backrest by starting with a sharp corner.

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Step 4 – Draw the Details of The Objects in the Room

To draw the doors on the cupboard, draw an “x” shape on the doors going from one corner to the corner across from it, and on the corners of the rectangle, draw the parts where the door handles are attached.

Step 5 – Draw The Details of the Bed

Draw a three-dimensional bed based on the shape of the placeholder rectangular prism (3d rectangle), using one-point perspective to round off the corners and add folds to make it look like a human face or a person’s image.

Step 6 – Drawing the Window & Curtains

Close the curtains and close the window.


Learning how to draw in perspective can make your drawings look much more impressive.

What is a good example of a 1 point perspective drawing?

When looking down a road or path, down a hallway in your house, or directly at the front of a building, one point perspective may be appropriate.

What are the 3 types of perspective drawing?

One-point perspective, two-point perspective, and three-point perspective are the most common types of perspective drawings.

What are the 3 points of perspective?

Three point perspective is the most complicated type of perspective drawing, with three sets of orthogonal lines and three vanishing points for each object.

What is 2point perspective?

Parallel lines along an object’s width and depth are represented as meeting at two separate points on the horizon that are 90 degrees apart as measured from the common intersection of the lines of projection.

How many vanishing points does 2 Point perspective have?

Two-point perspective is defined as a drawing with two vanishing points on the horizon line, which can be placed anywhere along the horizon in an illustration.

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What are the 2 types of lines used in 2 point perspective?

Edges and corners are indicated with vertical lines, while parallel edges receding into space are indicated with orthogonal lines.

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