Readers ask: How To Draw A Cowboy Hat Step By Step?

How To Draw A Cartoon Cowboy Hat Using Perfect Curved Lines

You don’t have to be a ranch worker or ride a horse in a rodeo to own a famous cowboy hat, and this particular object (also very popular among country music fans) is visually fascinating!

Step 1

To represent the crown of your hat, draw a rectangle that is almost square in shape, rather than a straight line like the top of a dog’s head or a cat’s nose.

Step 2

To make the rolled part of the hat for Santa’s face, add a triangle like the one shown above.

Step 3

Fill in the spaces between the dotted lines to complete this step.

Step 7

Draw some details, such as the hatband near the bottom of the crown, and a few lines to add realism.

Step 8

Paint your hat in a brown tone and the hatband in a color that is similar to the skin tone.

Step 9

How to draw a cowboy hat with simple shapes and your drawing skills; of course, you can add some shadows to your object to make it more appealing! I hope you enjoyed drawing this object, and don’t forget to practice!

What is the cowboy Emoji?

A Cowboy emoji, also known as a Cowboy Hat Face emoji, is a yellow face with a broad smile wearing a wide-brimmed, brown leather cowboy hat. On some platforms, such as Facebook and Joy Pixels, the Cowboy emoji wears a smirk rather than a broad smile.

Is cowboy a profession?

A cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches in North America, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a variety of other ranch-related tasks. A subtype, known as a wrangler, is responsible for the horses used to work cattle. Some cowboys work for or participate in rodeos in addition to ranch work.

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How do you do the cowboy Emoji?

Type “cowboy” in the search box to filter the emoji, then tap on it to insert it in the text box and send it. If necessary, switch the keyboard back to continue typing your text message.

How do you draw a cow face?


  1. Begin with a U shape at the bottom.
  2. Draw a head connected above.
  3. Draw two angled eyes.
  4. Add two curved lines to the face.
  5. Draw the nose details.
  6. Add two ears.
  7. Draw the cow body on the side.

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