Quick Answer: How To Draw In The Lines On Procreate?

How to Color Inside the Lines with Procreate

Using digital tools, filling your shape with white or creating a Clipping Mask has never been easier. If all of the elements you want to color aren’t on the same layer, switch between layers. Important note: Some methods require coloring one layer at a time.

Color in the Lines with Procreate’s Clipping Masks

The Clipping Mask feature is my personal favorite way to color within the lines because it’s quick, easy, and gets the job done without causing permanent changes to your shapes. Everything is on its own layer, which makes it a LOT easier to make changes.

Color in the Lines with Procreate’s Alpha Lock

Procreate’s Alpha Lock feature allows you to only color over pre-existing brush strokes, so it’s important to apply a colored base to your elements ahead of time.

Color in the Lines with Procreate’s Select Tool

If you don’t want to use ColorDrop to fill your elements first, this is how you color in the lines. The Alpha Lock option allows you to color over your outline, whereas the Selection coloring option does not. There are other reasons why you’d want to use one or the other.

How do you not draw outside of the lines on Procreate?

Here’s how it works: first, make your general shape, then go to your layer menu and select “Alpha Lock” (or simply swipe right with two fingers to use the shortcut). That way, any details you add will stay within the boundaries of your layer, ensuring that you don’t color outside the lines of your original shape.

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What is Alpha Lock?

When you use Alpha Lock in Procreate, you can lock a layer’s transparency (or alpha), which means you can only paint inside what’s already there (the alpha).

Does SketchBook have alpha lock?

Locking transparency in SketchBook Pro Desktop Tap a layer to select it in the Layer Editor, and the layer’s transparency is now locked.

What is the difference between clipping mask and alpha lock?

WINNER: Clipping Mask With Alpha Lock, you won’t be able to edit your layer later; the benefit of Alpha Lock is that it’s fast and good for small projects, but that’s it; with Clipping Mask, you can ALWAYS make changes later.

How do I color something in Photoshop CC?

Color fills a selection or layer.

  1. Select the area you want to fill.
  2. Choose Edit > Fill to fill the selection or layer.
  3. In the Fill dialog box, select one of the following options for Use, or create a custom pattern:
  4. Specify the blending mode and opacity for the paint.

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