Quick Answer: How To Draw Clowns Step By Step Scary?

How to Draw a Scary Clown

Fear of clowns is classified as a phobia by psychologists, and it is known as coulrophobia. In the 1940s, DC Comics introduced Joker, Batman’s nemesis. Stephen King’s. It was the first horror film to feature a sociopathic clown.

Step by Step Instructions for Drawing a ​​Scary Clown

Draw a bow tie around the clown’s neck. Draw a series of short, connected, curved lines to create the clown’s face. Then, use long, “U” shaped lines to form the bow’s sides. Add the detail of pinched fabric near the knot using short and curved lins.

How do you draw a clown face?


  1. Draw the circle nose.
  2. Add the two attached eyes.
  3. Draw the head around the eyes.
  4. Add the mouth.
  5. Draw the neck, bow, shoulders.
  6. Add ears and curly hair.
  7. Draw the hat on the head.

How do you dye a clown face?

Set the Base Color: The white is applied first as a base color, using a spray bottle to wet the white cake or a damp sponge, rubbing the sponge in the make up thoroughly to coat the sponge. Cover the entire face, stopping at the jaw and hair line.

How do girls do clown makeup?

With a damp sponge and red or pink face paint (blush also works well), pounce some color right onto the apple of your cheeks. Paint a red round dot on the tip of your nose and add some glitter while the paint is still wet.

How do clowns look like?

What to wear to look like a clown

  1. Brightly colored pyjama pants.
  2. Brightly colored long socks.
  3. Big shoes or boots (adult shoes/boots are ideal)
  4. Brightly colored t-shirt or shirt.
  5. Braces.
  6. An old tie.
  7. Large cap or hat.

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