Quick Answer: How To Draw Antlers Step By Step?

How to Draw Antlers Step by Step

Antlers are a single structure that grow as an extension of the animal’s skull, whereas horns are two-part structures that are found on cows, sheep, goats, antelopes, and gazelles, and are never branched or shed.

What You Will Need

To complete this project, you’ll need the following items: a graphite pencil (I recommend using HB or B type), an eraser, ink liner number 0.05, and a sheet of drawing paper.

Step 1

Each antler grows from a pedicle, a point on the skull where it attaches to the skull. I draw a border around the skull for reference, then add a core line and mark the foundations of the antlers with oval shapes based on the shape of the human skull.

Step 3

How do you draw the contours of the main beams or antler stems, which are the longest parts of the antlers?

Step 4

I draw the antlers as if we’re looking at them from the side, which helps to make the drawing more realistic. I also draw the branch that grows from the main beam and the oval shapes that make up the antler stems.

Step 6

I draw the curved branches that are facing the viewer, and I add a border between their sides to emphasize their direction. The front branches now appear more credible.

Step 7

The brow tines, or short branches in the lower part of the antlers, are another name for these elements.

Step 8

I smooth out the contours of the antlers, allowing you to add new tines or creative features if desired. It’s now time to erase the unnecessary pencil lines.

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Step 9

Let’s give the base of the antlers (known as the burr or coronet) some texture. The coronet has a distinct pattern that resembles a set of outgrowths.

Step 10

Long graphite lines are drawn to indicate the texture of the main beam and branches, which is much smoother than the coronet part.

Step 1

Using the 0.2 ink liner, I outline the antlers’ main contours.

Step 2

I add the lines to create a texture with the 0.1 ink liner; you can see an example of this hatching in the image below.

Step 3

I apply shadows to the texture by applying groups of short horizontal hatches, with the goal of revealing the texture’s contours.

Step 4

I add contour hatching to the sides of the main beam and branches with the 0.05 liner to make the drawing look more three-dimensional!

Step 5

I increase the contrast in my drawing with the 0.1 liner by adding more short hatches and dots to the core shadows.

Your Drawing Is Complete

Congratulations on creating a lovely piece of art; I hope you enjoyed both the process and the end result, and I wish you much success with graphite pencils and ink drawing. Have fun capturing the unique charm of the wonderful world of animals and nature!

What is deer antlers?

Antlers are a single structure made up of bone, cartilage, fibrous tissue, skin, nerves, and blood vessels that are found in members of the Cervidae (deer) family. Antlers grow throughout an animal’s life and do not shed, except in the case of the pronghorn.

What is moose antler?

Moose antlers are usually paired and shaped like the palm of a hand with outstretched fingers, hence the term palmate. After a male (Bull) moose reaches his prime, the antlers begin to recede each year until the moose dies.

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