Quick Answer: How To Draw A Cardinal For Kids?

How to Draw a Cardinal

Cardinals are a simple shape with a distinctive pointy head and black face that always make a charming work of art when set against a snowy sky.


Draw a half circle at an angle, a tail, and a wing. Erase inside the wing and add a face. Draw tail lines and two feet. Trace with marker and color.

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How do you attract cardinals?

12 Ways to Attract Cardinals to Your Garden in 2021

  1. Use Cardinal-Specific Feeders.
  2. Tempt With Appropriate Treats.
  3. Place Feeder in Appropriate Location.
  4. Offer a Water Source (Preferably Moving)
  5. Keep Feeders Full at All Times.

How do you draw a cardinal on a branch?


  1. Draw a half circle on an angle.
  2. Add a tail.
  3. Add a wing on top.
  4. Erase inside the wing and add a face.
  5. Draw tail lines and two feet.
  6. Draw a branch beneath the feet.
  7. Add another branch above.
  8. Draw a tree line in the background.

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