Question: How To Know If You Won A Snkrs Draw?

Just Did It: My long road to redemption on Nike’s SNKRS app

Nike’s SNKRS app allows sneakerheads to win limited-edition shoes, but they were stuck on “pending,” which meant I had to wait in a virtual line to get them. Finally, at 10:17 a.m., the notification came through: “GOT IT.”

Introducing the SNKRS app

The SNKRS app has been downloaded nearly 400 million times from the Apple store alone, but there’s no way of knowing how many pairs are dropping or how many people are trying to get them because Nike has refused to share any of that information.

The everlasting misery behind the L

Dion Johnson, editor in chief of Champagne in The Locker Room, shares the same story. Some even go to aftermarket sites like Stadium Goods or StockX to get what they want. Young Park, a resident Sneakerhead, says his SNKRS record is 5-12.

Just chalk it up to the gameĀ 

NIKE is catering to the most dedicated sneakerheads, with the goal of creating a larger community where those fanatics can share their culture. Nike is developing a digital strategy in other categories, such as running apparel, using the SNKRS app as a blueprint. The SNKRS app has turned sneaker shopping into the thrill of a roulette wheel. Fans enter every drawing and try to get every exclusive sneaker.

How long does it take to know if you win a draw on Snkrs?

Within approximately twenty-four (24) hours of the drawing closing, both winning and non-winning entrants will be notified by email and/or MMS (at the Sponsor’s discretion).

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How do you know if you won a Nike draw?

Winners for The Draw have been notified; if you haven’t received one, check your form of payment; if you see a charge for the shoes, you were chosen for The Draw.

What happens when you enter a draw on Snkrs?

When a drawing goes live, @nikestore will tweet a link to the shoes on Nike SNKRS, and the SNKRS App will send a mobile notification to Members who opted to be notified.

Is SNKRS first come first serve?

FLOW – The traditional u201cfirst-come, first-serveu201d type of release, which is mostly used for general-release shoes. LEO – A queued drop that puts you in line and picks winners at random in 2-3 minutes.

Why do I never win on SNKRS?

1) Increase CPU usage for NIKE SNKRS If you have a lot of apps open at the same time, your phone’s memory gets depleted, making it slow, and your phone won’t be able to participate in the SNKRS raffle effectively if it becomes lazy.

Can you use the same address for Snkrs?

Only one of your submissions will be validated if you join a launch using multiple accounts with the same address; make sure you only use one account with one address.

Can you cancel a Snkrs draw?

NIKE SNKRS DRAWING RULES We reserve the right to cancel winning submissions; however, once submitted, a submission to the draw cannot be modified; and the drawing process is subject to change at Nike’s sole discretion at any time.

Is there a bot for SNKRS app?

Our Nike SNKRS Bot is the most efficient and user-friendly bot on Nike stores and SNKRS, as evidenced by our video.

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Can you use a bot on SNKRS?

Users are encouraged to tune in to SNKRS Live sessions as a way to improve their chances of gaining exclusive access, and Nike has confirmed that bots will not be used to help users increase their chances. It should be noted that Nike is not new to providing Exclusive Access to its members.

Can you return SNKRS purchases?

It’s that simple! Once they receive the shoe, you’ll receive a refund within a few days. You can also return the shoe to any Nike store in the United States, where they drop shoes that will never be sold in stores, which you’ll love as a sneakerhead.

What time does SNKRS pass live?

Once the pass is posted on the monitors, you generally have 15 minutes to search for it using the SNKRS app on your phone or by clicking on the link from the monitors and waiting 15 minutes from the time stamp posted on the monitor.

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