Question: How To Draw Glossy Lips With Colored Pencils?

How to Draw Lips Using Irojiten Colored Pencils – Tombow USA Blog

Hello, Jessica from BrownPaperBunny here to show you how to draw lips with colored pencils, which are much easier to draw once you learn a few simple tricks. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Step 1: Find a Reference Photo

Take a photo of yourself, a friend, or a family member, or look up a photo online to use as a reference. Pay close attention to the lips. Is the top lip fuller or smaller than the bottom lip, does it have a pronounced u2018bowu2019 in the middle of the top lip, or do the lips have a specific shape? The more you notice about them before you start drawing, the better your end result will be.

Step 2: Identify the Areas of Volume

I find it easiest to draw circles around the areas of the lips that are the most full, then draw the lines of the lips around them. Every set of lips is different, and some are fullest in the middle of the top lip, so look carefully.

Step 3: Lightest Shading

Start with your lightest color and softly color in both lips, trying to make your pencil lines follow the lines on your reference photo. Lips rarely have horizontal lines, so don’t color in that direction. Identify any areas of reflection or shine on your reference photo and leave those the lightest.

Step 4: Layer Color

Start adding more color to your lips, especially where the lips meet and there is shadow, working gently and softly from your lightest to darkest colors because you can always add more color, but it’s difficult to go lighter.

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Step 5: Add Your Darkest Shade

Now it’s time to use your darkest color to create a stronger contrast between the light and shade areas of your lips. And there you have it: you’ve learned how to draw lips with colored pencils! I encourage you to practice drawing a variety of lips and really look at how they’re all different. Tag @TombowUSA and @BrownPaperBunny on social media so we can see them.

How do you make drawings look glossy?

What is the best way to make drawings look glossy?

  1. Step 1: Create the magic drawing. Step 2: Lay down a light base tone on the paper with a small amount of graphite powder on your soft paint brush. Step 3: Dark tone where there is a shade of light. Step 4: Light tone where there is a shine of light.

How do you realistic color with colored pencils?

Apply strokes in layers to try to achieve a gradual transition of tones from light to dark (from highlight to shadow). Color with the side of the pencil in the shape of a circle, without pressing down too hard. Draw a shadow coming from the ball.

How do you draw realistic lips easy?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw lips in the frontal view.

  1. Refine the outline and show the volume in the lower lip with two ovals.
  2. Add a shadow for the upper and lower lips with the HB pencil.
  3. Add some shading and tone to the whole drawing.
  4. Add the lines on the lips.

How do you color smoothly?

The best way to get smooth color with colored pencils is to layer them carefully, regardless of what you’re drawing or what pencils or paper you’re using. Draw each layer so carefully that the color requires little or no blending, and use light pressure through several layers for the smoothest color.

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