Question: How To Draw Books On A Bookshelf?

DIY Book Shelf Bullet Journal Spread – Tombow USA Blog

To commemorate “Read a Book Day,” I’m going to show you how to make a book shelf spread, which is great if you enjoy reading and want to keep track of all the books you’ve read or want to read!

Step 1

Lightly sketch out your book shelves with your MONO J Drawing Pencil (I made mine one square thick all around), making sure to leave enough room at the top of the page for the title!

Step 2

How to use a ruler and MONO Drawing Pens to draw in your book shelves, then erase any pencil marks with the MONO Light Eraser.

Step 4

Using a Monochromatic drawing pen, write the titles of the books you’re currently reading.

Step 5

Coloring in your books is a fun way to keep track of what you’ve read; you can do it for all the books you’ve ever read or just the ones you’ve already finished; the 1500 Series Colored Pencils are ideal for this project!

Step 6

Adrienne is sharing her book shelf bullet journal spread, which she created using a Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen and an inspirational reading quote. Adrienne chose one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes for the spread.

How do you draw a small book?

Draw a line through the center of the book and two rectangles from it, with the top and bottom lines curved to give the effect of an open book. Draw a few small lines at the bottom of the pages to represent pages.

How do you paint wooden bookshelves?

Apply an oil-based primer for oil-based paints and a latex primer for latex paints with a bristle paintbrush, painting in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the primer to dry for three hours. Apply a thin coat of paint on top of the primer, painting in the direction of the wood grain.

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What is a single vanishing point perspective drawing?

A one-point perspective drawing has a single vanishing point, which is usually (but not always) directly opposite the viewer’s eye and usually (but not always) on the horizon line, with all lines parallel to the viewer’s line of sight receding to the horizon towards this vanishing point.

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