Question: How To Draw A Water Drop Splash?

How To Draw Water Droplets

The illusion of water droplets is developed by understanding the principles of how light behaves on (and within) a transparent object. By understanding the light’s behavior and recording the correct locations of light and dark values, the illusion of water droplets is developed.

How Light Behaves in a Water Droplet

A good amount of light can penetrate a water droplet instead of bouncing off the surface, and light waves are refracted and sent to the side of the droplet opposite the dominant light source, resulting in an evenly distributed area of lighter values.

How do you draw a perfect water droplet?

To draw a water droplet, first draw a thick line under it, thinner at the sides and fuller at the bottom, then add a softer shadow, and voila, you’re done. Water droplets like to congregate in herds, so I used to draw them in groups.

Which tool is used to draw water droplets?

Water drops can be drawn with a few common household items: an HB pencil, a black charcoal pencil, white or greyish paper, a white charcoal pencil, an eraser, and a blending pencil.

What is water droplets?

A drop, also known as a droplet, is a small column of liquid bounded entirely or nearly entirely by free surfaces, which can be formed by the condensation of a vapor or the atomization of a larger mass of solid.

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