Question: How To Draw A Flamingo Step By Step Easy?

How To Draw A Flamingo

Learn how to draw a flamingo with this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial. You can do this drawing in any medium you like, such as pencil and then color with color pencils, water colors, or other mediums. View a how-to-draw-a-flamingo tutorial that goes along with this drawing lesson.

How To Draw A Flamingo Instructions:

Draw the legs, neck, and side of the flamingo.

Why are flamingos pink?

Carotenoids, which give carrots their orange color and turn ripe tomatoes red, are also found in the microscopic algae that brine shrimp eat, and when a flamingo eats algae and brine shrimp, its body metabolizes the pigments, turning its feathers pink.

Where is flamingo habitat?

The flamingo’s most common habitats are large alkaline or saline lakes or estuarine lagoons with little or no vegetation, which can be found far inland or near the sea. Flamingos also use mangrove swamps, tidal flats, and sandy islands in the intertidal zone.

How do you draw ideas?

Ideas for Drawing: Imagination

  1. Create an alternate cover for your favorite book or album.
  2. Illustrate a scene from your favorite song.
  3. Draw a scene or character from your favorite book.
  4. Illustrate your favorite fairy-tale.
  5. Invent your own insects.

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