Question: How To Draw A Cute Bunny Step By Step Easy?

How to Draw a Cute Bunny Step by Step

I’ll show you how to draw a bunny from scratch in this tutorial; you won’t need any references, and you can use any tools you want; it’ll be simple and enjoyable!

Before You Start

What does a bunny look like? Have you ever been curious about the appearance of a bunny?

Step 5

Draw a smaller circle for your nose inside the middle circle to give it more definition and to help you see where your mouth should be.

Step 8

For each of the eight points on the eagle’s wings, draw two narrow ovals inside the “wings.”

Step 9

To give an idea of how the human’s eyes look, trace the shape of the head around the circles.

Step 2

Draw two lines from the outer edges of the circles to the head’s center line, ending in the middle of the forehead.

Step 6

For added definition and a shape-shifting effect, draw small curves at the tips of the ears.

Step 7

Draw a line from the outer edge of the base circles to the inner edge of the base circles, following the contours of the circles.

Step 1

To make the head more realistic and cartoon-like, add a body to it.

Is there really an Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny (also known as the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter who is depicted as a rabbit carrying Easter eggs, sometimes dressed in clothing.

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