Often asked: How To Draw A Shadow Dragon From Adopt Me?

Shadow Dragon

The Shadow Dragon is a limited Developer Product and Robux pet in Adopt Me! that was released during the 2019 Halloween Event from October 18, 2019 to November 1, 2019. It is now only available through trading as the event has ended.


The Shadow Dragon has a skeletal and gaunt appearance, is black in color, and has horns, an arched snout, and glowing eyes. When not in motion, the Shadow Dragon sits on the ground, similar to the Parrot, Crow, and Frost Dragon.

Neon Appearance

The Shadow Dragon’s horns, inner wings, and back spines glow a bright white-purple, and its breath is more visible than usual. In its Neon form, the Shadow Dragon’s ears, eyes, and nostrils glow a bright blue.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon Shadow Dragon’s horns, inner wings, and back scales cycle through various colors; initially, the areas on the Mega Neon Shadow Dragon shifted between blue and white, but they were later updated to cycle through rainbow colors.


The Frost Dragon is a variation of the Shadow Dragon in cyan and light blue with curved horns, fewer spikes, and a chest with a non-visible rib cage. The Shadow Dragon was released after the original Dragon, but with a brand new model.

Is there a way to get a free Shadow Dragon in Adopt Me?

Roblox Adopt Me players were able to obtain the Shadow Dragon by purchasing a 1,000 Robux gamepass from the Candy Trading Shop near the Graveyard or directly from the Gamepass Menu.

Can you still get a shadow dragon in Adopt Me?

The Shadow Dragon was released alongside several other pets exclusive to the 2019 Halloween Update, including the Zombie Buffalo, Evil Unicorn, and Bat Dragon, and was found in front of the small tombstones. Now that the event has ended, it can only be obtained by trading.

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What is worth a shadow dragon in Adopt Me?

The Shadow Dragon is currently only available through trading with other Adopt Me players, and it is worth roughly the same as a normal Giraffe with an additional low-tier legendary, based on its appearance, value, and demand.

Can you buy a frost dragon in Adopt Me with Robux?

A Frost Dragon is a legendary pet in Roblox Adopt me that debuted on December 19, 2020, during the Christmas Update, and can be purchased for 1,000 Robux.

Is a shadow dragon real?

Shadow Dragons are a subspecies of Dragon that favors Illusion magic. They are corporeal creatures like other Dragons, but they claim that their kind originated in a place they call the Shadowfell. They grow to the same age and size as their kin.

What is the most legendary pet in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me! has ten of the cutest pets.

  • Griffin.
  • Golden Dragon.
  • Diamond Unicorn.
  • Sabertooth.
  • Queen Bee.
  • Australian Kelpie.
  • Frost Fury.
  • Evil Unicorn.
  • Griffin.

Is a frost dragon worth a shadow dragon?

Do you think the new frost DRAGON is worth a SHADOW DRAGON?

What is the rarest pet on Roblox adopt me?

The Monkey King is the most difficult Roblox Adopt Me pet to find.

How do you get a golden dragon in Adopt Me?

The Golden Dragon, along with the Golden Griffin and Golden Unicorn, is a legendary pet in Adopt Me! that can be obtained once a player reaches 660 login stars and claims a Golden Egg from the Star Rewards.

What is the best pet in Adopt Me 2021?

Adopt Me Roblox Pets are the most popular Roblox pets.

  • Ground Sloth (Common Fossil)
  • Pterodactyl (Rare Fossil)
  • Woolly Mammoth (Rare Fossil)
  • Dodo (Rare Fossil)
  • Starfish (Star Reward)
  • Golden Unicorn (Golden Egg)
  • Diamond Unicorn (Diamond Egg)

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