Often asked: How To Draw A Realistic Rose For Beginners?

How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to draw and shade a rose, with detailed pencil drawing examples for each step. It’s great for anyone who wants to learn how to draw a realistic-looking rose. The tutorial is divided into three sections: shape sketch, outline drawing, and shading.

Step 1 – Sketch the Overall Shape & Size of the Rose

The outer shape sketch does not need to be the exact outline trace of the rose (that will be done in later steps). For more good drawing practices, see: Beginner Guide to Learning to Draw.

Step 2 – Sketch the Inner Shape of the Rose

The goal is to establish some structure in the inner part of the rose so that it will be easier to correctly proportion the individual petals later.

Step 3 – Sketch the Shape of the Core of the Rose

After you’ve established the position of the rose’s core/center, you should have a rough guide/construction lines for the outer, middle, and inner shapes, which will make it easier to place all of the petals correctly.

Step 4 – Draw the Outer Petals

Step 1: In the shape of a rose, draw the first set of petals between the outer and inner guide lines.

Step 5 – Draw the Inner Petals

Between the inner part and the core of the rose, draw the second tier of petals – this is the section of the flower where the petals are connected by a chain of thorns and petals.

Step 6 – Draw the Core Petals

Draw the rose’s core shape before moving on to the petals inside.

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Step 7 – Outline Drawing of the Rose

Draw the rose’s inner petals and clean up all of the guide lines; if needed, tweak any of the smaller details for added detail; and you should have an outline drawing of the entire rose.

Step 8 – Basic Shading

Begin applying light shading to the outline drawing of the rose by shading the darkest areas first; you’ll want to apply the shading slowly in several layers so that you don’t accidentally make it too dark. See the Shading Techniques and Stroke Types Drawing Tutorial for examples of different types of shading strokes.

Step 10 – Finalized Drawing

Finish the drawing by adding all remaining drop shadows and darkening the shaded areas even more; you’ll also want to smooth out some of the transitions between the light and dark areas by slightly blending the strokes, but not so much that they become invisible, as they help define the rose’s shape.


Because of the irregular shape of a rose, you should always start your drawing with a rough overall shape sketch of the object. If your drawings don’t come out right away, keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.

How do you draw a rose for beginners?


  1. Draw the large right petal.
  2. Add the left petal behind the right.
  3. Draw the tops of two more petals.
  4. Draw the stem below the petals.
  5. Start the left leaves with the stem.
  6. Draw the leaves at each end.

How do you draw a beautiful rose step by step?

Step-by-step instructions for drawing flowers

  1. Create layered circular outlines for where the petals will be.
  2. Then start adding the actual perals as shown in the photo below.
  3. Add petals to each layer.
  4. Add the bulb, stem, and leaves.
  5. Add thorns and any finishing touches.
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What is a beautiful flower?

Dahlias (Dahlia hortensis) are a flower with layered petals and showy blooms that are highly cultivated and hybridized by breeders to create the most beautiful flowers. Dahlias come in almost every color of the rainbow, with the most popular colors being fuchsia, pink, orange, and red.

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