How To Draw Wings?

How do you draw wings for beginners?

To draw a cartoon wing, start by drawing 2 thin, slightly curved ovals that are connected at one end, which will be the arm of your wing.

Then, add 3 rows of overlapping ovals extending off of the arm for the small feathers.

Next, sketch 1 row of large, long feathers that curve upward at the top of your wing.

How do you draw angel wings around your heart?

Written-Out Step by Step Drawing Instructions

  • (Step 1) Draw a sideways #3 shape.
  • (Step 2) Then draw a letter ‘v’ shape below it to form a heart shape.
  • (Step 3-6) Draw #3 shapes for wings.
  • (Step 7) Draw a letter ‘U’ shape to finish off the smaller wings.

16 May 2016

How do you make big angel wings?

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How do you draw bat wings?

Start by drawing a circle for the bat head.

  1. Under the circle, draw an oval shape for the body of the bat.
  2. Ad two triangular pointy ears and draw in facial details.
  3. Next come the wings.
  4. Add wing details.
  5. Finish up the wings.
  6. Now that you have finished your bat drawing all there is left to do is to color it in.

18 Sep 2018