How To Draw Sushi Step By Step?

How to Draw Sushi Step by Step – AnimeOutline

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw six different types of sushi, including maki, uramaki, nigiri, ebi nigiri, and tamago nigiri, which are frequently seen in anime and manga when characters go out for drinks.

1 – How to Draw Maki Sushi Step by Step

Maki is a type of sushi that consists of rice wrapped in seaweed with a variety of fillings in the middle, which can include one or more ingredients such as oil, oil, seaweed, meat, fish, vegetables, or nuts, as shown in the example.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Sushi Roll

To draw a maki roll, start with its outer shape, which should resemble a short cylinder. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure that the bottom part of each roll is at least slightly rounder than the top; otherwise, the roll will appear odd. For an explanation, see the example with the cup in the tutorial below:

Step 2 – Draw the Filling

Inside the roll, draw in the filling. The first example is of a few combined ingredients, which can vary in shape depending on what they are. Typically, there will be some sort of fish mixed with vegetables (or just vegetables). Keep in mind that the roll will be viewed from an angle, so try to draw the ingredients flattened so that they match.

Step 3 – Add the Other Filling Type

Sushi maki line drawing You can also draw a simpler version of the maki with only one ingredient, such as a slice of fish or a vegetable, as shown above.

Step 4 – Color the Maki Drawing

Sushi maki drawing The coloring in this example is fairly straightforward: make the seaweeds a dark grey, leave the rice white, and color the other ingredients as desired, such as fish in an orange/pink and vegetables in various shades of green.

2 – How to Draw Uramaki Sushi Step by Step

Sushi uramaki drawing step by step The uramaki is similar to the maik, but with the rice on the outside of the seaweed. Because the seaweed is pretty and difficult to see in such a roll, you can generally avoid showing it all together. It’s also important to note that this type of sushi is considered more “western” and is not very common in anime and manga.

Step 1 – Draw the Base Shape of the Roll

Sushi uramaki drawing Begin by drawing the outer shape of the roll, using very light lines if using pencil and paper, as in the previous example. Unlike the previous example, you will need to erase this entire shape.

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Step 2 – Add the Rice Details & Filling

Sushi uramaki details drawing Using the cylinder as a guide, draw the outline of the sushi roll with a series of small bumps of random shapes and sizes to give the impression of rice stuck together. To show the upper forward facing edge of the roll, create a row of small curves that look like rice grains, then erase the guide lines (the cylinder from the first step).

Step 3 – Add More Rice Grains

Sushi uramaki line drawing Add a few hints of individual rice grains sticking out here and there along the curvature of the roll to finish the line drawing; don’t add any on the top because the rice will be smoother due to being sliced.

Step 4 – Color the Uramaki Drawing

Finally, depending on how colorful you want your sushi uramaki to be, you can color the ingredients.

3 – How to Draw Nigiri Sushi Step by Step

Step-by-step drawing of sushi nigiri This type of sushi consists of a piece of fish on a small bed of rice, which is usually loosely rectangular in shape with the fish slice being longer than the rice.

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Fish & Rice

Sushi nigiri outline drawing Begin by drawing the fish slice, then add the rice underneath it. Similar to the uramaki, start by drawing the overall shape of the rice without the grains, using very light lines if using a pencil.

Step 2 – Add the Details of the Rice

Draw the bumps of the rice grains along the rice outline from the previous step, then erase it.

Step 3 – Add More Rice Grains

Line drawing of sushi nigiri Include some grains inside the rice shape as well.

Step 4 – Color the Nigiri Drawing

Sushi nigiri drawing The coloring for this type of sushi will be a little tricky. First, if you want the fish slice to look more like fish, add some lighter streaks through its surface as this is a pattern that fish have. To show that the fish is moist, add some small highlights like the example. If drawing digitally, you can add these as well.

4 – How to Draw Ebi Nigiri Sushi Step by Step

Sushi ebi nigiri drawing step by step Similar to the previous example, this one has a shrimp tail on top instead of a fish slice, which has been sliced through the middle and split in half (butterflied).

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Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Shrimp & Rice

Sushi ebi nigiri outline drawing First, draw the upper part of the sushi, which in this case will be a simplified shape of the shrimp, then add the outline of the rice underneath it, keeping your lines light if drawing in pencil.

Step 2 – Add the Details

Draw the small sections of the shrimp tail followed by the outline of the rice grains as shown in the example, erasing the outlines from the previous step (where needed) once finished.

Step 3 – Add More Rice Grains

To finish the line drawing of the sushi ebi nigiri, add a few hints of rice grains inside the rice bed.

Step 4 – Color the Ebi Nigiri Drawing

To color the shrimp, make it orange/pink with a few small highlights for each of its bumps/sections and a small shadow along the rice near the tail.

5 – How to Draw Tamago Sushi Step by Step

Sushi tamago nigiri drawing step by step This sushi tamago nigiri has an egg omelet on top of rice, which is tied to the rice with a small strip of seaweed, similar to the previous two examples.

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Egg & Rice

Sushi tamago nigiri outline drawing Begin by drawing the egg, then the rice outline, and finally the seaweed, making sure to use light lines, particularly for the rice.

Step 2 – Add the Details of the Rice

Draw the rice grains based on the overall outline of the rice from the previous step and erase it once finished. Sushi tamago nigiri details drawing

Step 3 – Add More Rice Grains

Add a few more hints of the individual grains inside the rice to the sushi tamago nigiri line drawing.

Step 4 – Color the Tamago Nigiri Drawing

Color the egg a light yellow, the seaweed a dark grey, and add a small shadow along the rice where the egg hangs down from it in this sushi tamago nigiri drawing.

6 – How to Draw Ikura Nigiri Sushi Step by Step

Step-by-step drawing of ikura nigiri sushi This example is similar to maki sushi but with red fish roe on top. Draw the bottom cylindrical shape first, then add the roe. Draw the roe pretty much one by one with very slightly varying sizes.

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Step 1 – Draw the Base of the Roll

Sushi ikura nigiri outline drawing First, draw the outline of the main shape of the roll, but make the “cylinder” a little squished so that it looks more like an oval, similar to the maki/uramaki.

Step 2 – Begin Adding the Fish Roe

Sushi ikura nigiri details drawing This part may be a little tedious, but you’ll basically have to draw each fish egg one at a time, starting with the ones in front and then adding the ones in between/behind them.

Step 3 – Finish the Line Drawing

Sushi ikura nigiri line drawing Continue “stacking” the roe until you have a nice little “heap” like in the illustration.

Step 4 – Color the Ikura Nigiri

Sushi ikura nigiri drawing To color the ikura nigiri, make the seaweed dark grey, as in the previous example, and the roe orange, with a small highlight inside the eggs that is mostly visible. This is time consuming, but it will make the roe look more wet, shiny, and three dimensional.


Sushi is an interesting food to draw because of its unusual shape, and drawing it isn’t particularly difficult, especially in the simplified anime/manga style. There are many more sushi types than those shown in this tutorial, but you can draw many of them in a similar way. Start with the outlines of the main shapes and then add the slashes.

How do you write sushi?

Sushi (,,, pronounced [si] or [si]) is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of vinegared rice (, sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, and a variety of ingredients (, neta), such as raw seafood and vegetables.

What is sushi in Japanese?

Sushi is derived from a Japanese word that means “sour rice,” and it is the rice that is at the heart of sushi, despite the fact that most Americans associate it with raw fish (the word sashimi refers to a piece of raw fish).

How do you draw a skull kid step by step?

Skull Kid Drawing Instructions

  1. Start by drawing a heart-shaped face.
  2. Then, sketch out the shapes of the eyes, then draw the markings around the eyes to give them a flare.
  3. After that, draw the horns, then the spikes on Skull Kid’s mask along the sides of the face.

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