How To Draw A Paw Print?

How do you draw a realistic dog paw?

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How do you make a simple cat paw print?

How to Draw Cat Paw Prints

  • Draw a rounded triangle as the pad of the paw. Color the triangle in completely.
  • Draw two small ovals on the left side of the triangle. Color both ovals in completely.
  • Draw two more small ovals on the right side of the triangle. Color both of these ovals in completely.

How do you make a paper paw print?

Simply press your pet’s paw onto the ink pad then onto the paper, pressing down on all the areas of the paw to get an even print. Try not to move your pet’s paw on the page as this can cause the print to smudge. Slowly lift the paw from the page to relieve your pet’s paw print.

How do you draw a bear paw step by step?

3. How to Draw a Bear’s Paws

  1. Draw a circle in front of each paw.
  2. Draw two other circles on both sides of it. Follow the perspective!
  3. Draw two more circles slightly behind the former ones.
  4. Add the curves of the claws over each circle.
  5. Outline the claws. Don’t make them too sharp!
  6. Finally, add the paw pad under the claws.