How To Draw A Mouse?

How do you draw a cute mouse easy?

Step 1: Start by drawing the head.

Draw a circle for the face, with two large circles either side for the ears.

If you can, make the edges of your circle fuzzy to look like fur.

Step 2: Now add two curved arms, with little hands on the end.

How do you draw a big mouse?

How to Draw a Mouse VIDEO & Step-by-Step Pictures

  • Step 1: Draw a shape similar to an egg as a guide for the mouse’s head.
  • Step 2: Draw a slightly bigger circle behind the head as a guide for the mouse’s body.
  • Step 3: Inside the mouse’s head, draw two intersecting lines.
  • Step 4: Draw two arcs on top of the mouse’s head for the ears.

How do you draw a mouse with a picture?

Start by drawing a circle with a straight line extending off the top in the shape of a number 6. Draw two large semi circles for ears. Continue with a larger curved line for the mouses body, this is like a large backwards number 6. Add three small round paws and a horizontal line ending in three smaller round paws.2 Aug 2014

How do you draw a realistic mouse step by step?

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