How To Draw A Ladybug On A Rock?

Cute Painted Ladybug Rocks – Rock Crafts for Kids

These adorable painted ladybug rocks are a fun craft to do with your kids, and they’ll look great both inside and out. Can’t you just see them in your garden?

Cute Painted Ladybug Rocks

If you like rock crafts, you should try making these painted ladybug rocks, which will make great rock pets. We’ve already done a couple of ladybug crafts, so check out this simple ladybug paper craft and these leaf ladybugs.

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How do you paint ladybirds?


  1. Paint the rocks in your chosen color (we went with bright red).
  2. Once dry, use black paint to paint one end of the rock for the head, then add a straight line down the center for the wings and little circles on the body to create ladybird spots.

How do you draw Ladybird bugs?

(Optional) coloring supplies

  1. Draw a circle or an oval shape first.
  2. Draw a curved line from right to left.
  3. Draw a straight line from top to bottom, stopping just before the oval shape.
  4. Draw dots.
  5. Draw antennae and legs.
  6. Draw the eyes.

What should I paint on my rock?

PAINT u2013 Acrylic paint is the best paint to use on rocks; see my favorite brand recommendation below. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint u2013 this is a great option for a variety of colors. Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint is by far my favorite acrylic paint to use on rocks.

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How do you paint large rocks outside?

Painting Rocks: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1Clean (wash and dry) the rock. 2Sand the surface if necessary. 3Apply primer (optional) and let dry completely. 4Draw design with pencil. 5Apply patio paints. 6Protect the surface.

What are those bugs under rocks?

Woodlice. u201cRolly-pollies,u201d or bugs that roll into a tight ball to escape enemies, are members of the Woodlice family of insects that live under rocks. These flattened bugs with an armored shell-like body covering enjoy the damp environment under rocks because they breathe through gills.

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