FAQ: How To Draw Hair Blowing In The Wind?

Step 2. Wind Direction

Draw some light guidelines (or a thumbnail in the corner of your drawing) to define the hair’s direction and flow; the hair will flow in the same direction as the wind, so if you want the wind to blow from left to right, the direction lines will follow suit.

Step 3. Strands

Drawing a hairstyle can take a long time, so start with a clear idea of where you want to go: look at the overall design of the hair, where the strands are longer and shorter, and how the strands attach to the head in a natural way.

Why is drawing hair so hard?

Hair is difficult to draw because what we see differs from what we know; you can’t just draw all the hairs as lines because that’s not what we see when we look at hair; instead, what we see must be simplified to lines and shades, which can be done in a variety of ways.

What is wind drawing?

Artist Cameron Robbins will speak about his impressive ‘wind-drawings,’ which each span five metres and are created using a wind-powered mechanical instrument that transcribes weather patterns into abstract storms of ink onto paper, as part of the exhibition Dynamics of Air.

How do I color my hair Ibispaint?


  1. Open the 1 Layer window and tap 2 New Layer on top of the base hair gradation.
  2. Tap the 1 Clipping button to enable clipping.
  3. Set color to white and select 1 Airbrush (Triangle) brush with a thickness of 2 70 pixels.
  4. Paint with a fat airbrush.

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