FAQ: How To Draw Blonde Hair With Colored Pencils?


1. Buy as much paper as you can afford and don’t be afraid to make mistakes–the fool who never learns from his mistakes, remember! I recommend making sheets of coloured pencils and storing them in a binder so you can find them easily. You can order color pencil books from the internet–unfortunately, not all of them ship to Norway.

How do I make the color blonde?

To avoid a muddy mess of colors, choose the color of blonde you want to end up with before you start mixing colors.

  1. Begin with a yellow, white, or flesh-colored base.
  2. For the first layer of blonde, add a small amount of yellow or olive green paint to the base color.

What colors do you use to paint blonde hair?

Cool blonde hair, such as ash blonde or dirty blonde hair, can be darkened with a little burnt umber and pthalo blue. When painting a blonde subject, work onto a toned ground rather than white. A mid-toned neutral color like pale brown or smoky blue is ideal.

How do you make the color ash blonde?

In a bowl, mix 1 part level 10 peroxide with 1 part light ash blonde hair color, just like you did with the peroxide and bleach.

Is black hair black?

Black hair is the darkest and most common of all human hair colors, due to larger populations with this dominant trait; it contains more eumelanin and is more dense than other hair colors; it is sometimes described as soft-black, raven black, or jet-black in English.

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