FAQ: How To Draw A Spaceship Step By Step?

How to Draw a Rocket

For extra effort, try shading the background from black to purple or blue.


Draw the main frame shape, two fins on the side, curved line details, and flame shapes out of the end. Draw a distant planet and ring. Fill in the sky with stars. Trace with marker and color.

How do you draw a easy spaceship step by step?

Step-by-Step Drawing Instructions for a Spaceship

  1. Draw two long curved lines to outline the flying saucer.
  2. Draw a long curved line to connect the tops of the short straight lines.
  3. Draw ovals just above the previous line.
  4. Draw a curved line to outline a semicircle below the ship.

What is the Colour of the rocket?

All external tanks are a light tan color when they leave the assembly facility, and depending on how long they sit in the sun, they can turn a chocolate brown color.

What is the cost of an astronaut suit?

The suit is only a fraction of the cost of a flight-rated NASA space suit, weighing in at only 47 pounds (21 kg) without a life support backpack.

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