FAQ: How To Draw A Person Sitting Down?

How to Draw a Seated Person – Sitting Down

Drawing a seated human figure can be difficult for some people, but the difficulty can be greatly reduced if you remember a few simple steps to drawing a human figure.

Is it better to draw flat or at an angle?

Most experienced artists prefer to work on a tilted surface because it allows the artist to tilt the drawing to better match the angle in which the subject is observed. This eliminates much of the distortion that can occur when drawing on a perfectly flat surface.

Should I draw standing up?

Many artists recommend working at an easel while standing up for several reasons. The first is that it allows you to get a better perspective on what you’re doing. So the first important habit to form as you learn to draw is to stand away from your drawing frequently.

What is the correct position to write?

The outside edge of the hand and wrist, rather than the heel and inner wrist, should rest against the paper to help control the muscles of the hand. The wrist should be below the writing line, not up in the air or hooked above it, so your child can see the tip of the pencil as they write.

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