Readers ask: How To Learn How To Draw Graffiti?

How to Draw Graffiti Letters for Beginners

Graffiti experience can be difficult to come by, but it’s well worth it. By the time you’ve finished reading and grasping how to draw graffiti letters for beginners, we’ll have covered all of the fundamental drawing skills you’ll need, and with practice, you’ll be able to develop your own style.

1. Graffiti History:

Graffiti art is a subculture with its own lifestyle, jargon, and values; today’s most credible writers all use elements of the early style in their work; however, modern graffiti culture is very different from that of the 1970s and 1980s.

3. Letter form and drawing the outlines, start the action:

Learn how to develop letter form and draw the outlines of your letters. Typography, or the art of writing letters, is the foundation of graffiti. Graffiti writers who master typography often go on to successful careers in graphic design.

4. Writing tags, like doing a dance:

Graffiti appeals to the human eye because the letters have a lifelike energy and movement, which comes from the way they’re painted: graffiti has traditionally been painted at a fast pace, which is why the lines and strokes in graffiti look so dynamic and fluid.

5. Pick your Graffiti name, be creative:

Consider the length of your name; most graffiti writers will have four to five letters. Graffiti is supposed to be a super secret alias, so try to avoid writing your own name. A lot of writers pick a random name just because they like the way the letters go together.

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6. Over-lapping and Under-lapping Letters:

Because letter drawing is all about experimenting, sketch lightly and keep an eraser handy to erase any parts you don’t like. Right now, there’s a huge gap between the tops of the L, E, A, and R, but we’ll fix that later.
In this series, we’ll look at how letters can be combined to solve problems like awkward over-laps; you don’t have to make all of your letters join together, and doing so can look a little strange.

What are the 3 major types of graffiti?

Graffiti’s Different Types

  • Tagging is the easiest, simplest, and most recognized style of graffiti.
  • Throw Ups. A throw-up is a more sophisticated version of tagging.
  • Blockbuster. A blockbuster is a step up from a throw-up.
  • Wildstyle.
  • Heaven or Heaven-spot.
  • Stencil.
  • Poster or Paste-Up.
  • Sticker or Slap.

Is there a graffiti app?

SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app for iOS and Android that allows you to trace images using your phone’s camera. When used on a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology, the app allows you to trace images on a much larger scale, even the size of a wall.

What is a tag in graffiti art?

…of graffiti known as “tagging,” which entailed the repeated use of a single symbol or series of symbols to mark territory, and which appeared in strategically or centrally located neighbourhoods in order to attract the most attention possible.

Who is most famous graffiti artist?

Banksy is arguably the most well-known graffiti artist of all time, and no one has done more to advance the art form than he has.

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What do graffiti artists call themselves?

Early graffiti artists were known as “writers” or “taggers” (individuals who write simple “tags,” or their stylized signatures, with the goal of tagging as many locations as possible.)

Is doing graffiti a sin?

Keep in mind that the Bible makes no mention of graffiti being a sin.

Which app is best for graffiti?

10 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Graffiti and Street Art

  • Faile Puzzle Box. Image courtesy of Complex Original.
  • Banksy. Image courtesy of Complex Original.
  • Graffiti New York. Image courtesy of Complex Original.
  • ITag Graffiti. Image courtesy of Complex Original.
  • Fat Tag. Image courtesy of Complex Original.

How do you make a graffiti name?


  1. Turn the letters into blocks or bubbles. Draw around the original letters to create a larger 2-D sketch of the name.
  2. Connect some of the letters.
  3. Write the name in print, rather than cursive, and use an erasable writing tool because you’ll need to manipulate the letters.

How do I choose a graffiti tag?

Here’s a list of things to think about when coming up with graffiti names.

  1. 1- What type of graffiti are you doing?
  2. 2- Know your city’s heritage.
  3. 3- Know your general graffiti history.
  4. 4- Don’t overthink it.
  5. 5- Find your sweet spot.
  6. 6- Don’t try to please people.
  7. 7- Avoid clichu00e9s.

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