Readers ask: How To Draw On Surface Pro 4?

Artist Review: Surface Pro 4 as a Drawing Tablet

The Surface Pro 4 is a significant upgrade over the Surface Pro 3, particularly as a drawing tablet; mine has 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage, as well as an i5 processor (2.4GHz duo-core) and Intel HD graphics 520.


The Intel Iris 540 in the i7 models outperforms the Intel HD graphics 520 in the i5 models by up to 55%, so if you’re into 3D work, the i7 versions of the Surface Pro 4 make more sense.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a 12-inch tablet with a Type Cover that has a 2736×1824 resolution, excellent viewing angles, and vibrant colors.


One USB port allows you to connect any USB device, such as a scanner or USB flash drive; however, no mini-DisplayPort cable is included. When connected to an external monitor, you can work on the tablet as if it were a Wacom tablet.


In comparison to the hard plastic tip of the Surface 3 Pen, the Surface Pro 4 Pen has a felt-like tip that adds just a bit of friction to make it less slippery on the glass screen. The pen now supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and can be adjusted using an app.


Window’s power management is poor, and it frequently uses Turbo Boost on the processor when it isn’t needed, causing the fan to spin as well. It’s best to have the battery fully charged before going outside to draw, but it still falls short of a laptop’s battery life.


Windows 10 is a desktop operating system, but it can also run tablet apps, which is fantastic; there are still some bugs with Windows 10, but they aren’t critical – bugs are always annoying, especially if you use a tablet.

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The SP4 and its Pen get top marks for tracking accuracy, latency, and the feel of the tip on the screen; the only drawback is that some apps’ menus and buttons aren’t optimized for high resolution small screens; overall, the applications on the SP4 run fast and smoothly. CS6 doesn’t have touch features and doesn’t support pinch zoom or finger panning.


When it comes to drawing with apps, the iPad Pro’s hardware is on par with the Surface Pro 4, with Apple Pencil providing a slightly better drawing experience than the SP4 pen. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as must-have apps.


The Surface Pro 4’s pressure sensitivity is excellent, but it pales in comparison to the sensitivity of Wacom Intuos tablets. One thing I noticed is that creating lines of varying thickness is more difficult, and the lines are a little jittery when I release the pressure.


The Surface Pro 4 is a well-designed tablet with specifications capable of running demanding software; for digital painting and sketching, I recommend the 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage, i5 model or higher. Surface Pen pressure sensitivity is good, but not as good as Apple Pencil.

Can you draw on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

The Surface Pro 4 is a significant upgrade over the Surface Pro 3, especially as a drawing tablet. Mine has 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage, as well as an i5 processor (2.4GHz duo-core) with Intel HD graphics 520. If you’re buying a computer to create art, at least 8GB of RAM and a good i5 processor are recommended.

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Which Surface Pro can you draw on?

The Surface Pro 7 is the preferred creative hardware of Illustrators u2013 that is, professional vector artists and graphic designers who use Adobe Illustrator as their primary tool.

Is Surface Pro a good drawing tablet?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets work well with pens, but they’re clearly a third option for any artist who doesn’t need Windows for anything else. Microsoft, like Apple, charges separately for pens and keyboard covers, so the final price could be higher than expected.

What is the best drawing app for Surface Pro 4?

What is the best Surface Pro 4 drawing app?

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Autodesk Sketchbook, Astropad Studio, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo for iPad.

Why won’t my stylus work on my Surface Pro?

A flat battery could be the cause of a Surface Pen’s inability to function. To check the battery in a Surface Pen, press and hold the eraser button on the end of the stylus for five to seven seconds. A small LED light should turn on; if it doesn’t, the battery is dead.

Can I turn my Surface Pro into a drawing tablet?

Yes, it’s possible, but the Surface isn’t an artistic tablet. It’s a decent 2 in 1 if yours doesn’t break down or have convenient out of warranty issues like mine did, but if you’re a serious artist or want to do serious art, get an intuos or wacom.

Can I use my Surface Pro as a drawing tablet?

Have you ever wished you could use your Surface Pro or other Windows tablet as a pen display for a desktop PC? Wacom’s Companion PCs have a “Cintiq” mode, but it requires a wired connection. However, pen remoting is built into Windows 10 and works over a Wi-Fi connection.

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Can you use Surface Pro as a tablet?

Of course, one of the Surface Pro’s standout features is the ability to use it as a tablet without the keyboard, thanks to its light weight and precise pen.

What is the best drawing app for computer?

Dedicated specialties, such as comic creation, are offered by some.

  • Photoshop CC (Windows/macOS)
  • Clip Studio Paint (Windows/macOS)
  • Paint Tool SAI (Windows)
  • Paintstorm Studio (Windows/macOS)
  • MediBang Paint Pro (Windows/macOS)
  • Corel Painter 2021 (Windows/macOS)
  • Krita (Windows/macOS)
  • GIMP2 (Windows/macOS)
  • Photoshop CC (Windows/macOS)

How can I use a stylus without touchscreen?

You can use a passive pen to write on your laptop’s trackpad (no connection required) or connect your laptop to a drawing pad like the XP-Pen or Wacom Intuos via Bluetooth or USB to use a pen and write on a non-touch screen laptop.

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