Readers ask: How To Draw A Person Looking Up?

How to Draw a Head Looking Up – JeyRam Spiritual Art

Drawing on a regular basis is the only way to solidify our understanding, so download the free worksheets and practice as much as you can. There are plenty more tutorials on the site, and I’ll be covering a lot more topics in the coming months.

How do you draw something down?

Make the line below the horizon if you want the viewer to look down on your subject, or above the horizon if you want the viewer to look up; remember that the horizon line represents your viewer’s eye level.

How do you draw a human head?


  1. Begin by drawing three oval shapes, one large oval and two smaller ovals on the left and right sides of the large oval.
  2. Draw the eyes using the first guideline.
  3. Add a pair of sculpted eyebrows and some lines to illustrate the eyelid.
  4. Draw the nose using the second horizontal guideline.

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