Readers ask: How To Draw A Human Heart Easy?

How to Draw a Human Heart

Draw a half-circle or bump that extends from the top left corner of the heart for the right atrium. Sketch the tubular pulmonary artery going under and over the aorta. If you’re drawing a cartoon-style human heart, go around the outline of each segment with a large black pen or marker.
Use charcoal or a pencil to shade or cross-hatch the heart. If you’re learning about how blood circulates through the body and the heart, draw tiny arrows within the heart’s segments. The size of each heart varies from person to person, but an average measurement is the size of a fist.

How do you sketch a heart?


  1. Begin drawing the actual line on the left cheek of the heart.
  2. Draw the right cheek.
  3. Erase the outline sketches.
  4. Color the draft.
  5. Add light and shade.
  6. Add a background.

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