Quick Answer: How To Draw Kermit The Frog Step By Step?

How to Draw Kermit the Frog VIDEO & Step-by-Step Pictures

Follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to go at your own pace. Kermit the Frog from the Muppets is one of the most popular characters in the world. EasyDrawingTutorials.com offers free drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists.

How do you draw a frog Wikihow?


  1. Start by drawing an elongated shape with a pointy left side.
  2. Next, draw the frog’s hind legs and front legs.
  3. Add details like his eyes, dimpled grin, and stomach.
  4. Finally, add small circles to represent the frog’s freckled skin.

What material is Kermit the Frog made of?

Kermit was built from custom-made fleece by Malden Mills beginning with The Muppet Movie in 1978, when the company that produced the green cloth from which he was made went out of business. (The same fleece was used to make the licensed Fisher-Price Kermit puppets in 1978.)

Who eats the frog?

Ducks, geese, swans, wading birds, gulls, crows, ravens, and hawks are common avian predators of frogs in and around freshwater biomes. Large bullfrogs are safe from all but the largest birds, such as herons.

What is a frog’s life cycle?

A frog’s life cycle is divided into three stages: egg, larva, and adult, which the frog passes through as it grows. This process is known as metamorphosis.

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