Quick Answer: How To Draw A Triangle In Indesign?

Draw basic lines and shapes

To draw a line or shape, use the Line, Rectangle, or Polygon tools. To constrain a line to 45u00b0 angles, hold down Shift while dragging. To create multiple shapes in a grid, use the arrow keys while holding down the mouse button.

Draw multiple objects as a grid

Select a tool that allows you to draw a frame. When using the Polygon tool, use the arrow keys to change the number of sides or the star inset. A placeholder shape is an ellipse, rectangle, or polygon that appears in the document window with an X.

Change the shape of a path automatically

Any path can be converted to a predefined shape, such as a triangle from a rectangle. If the path is a polygon, the shape is determined by the options in the Polygon Settings dialog box, and the stroke settings for the original path are retained for the new path.

How do you draw shapes in InDesign?

Drawing Shapes in InDesign

  1. Select one of the shape tools from the Toolbar, such as the rectangle tool, and click-and-drag to draw it. Hold the Shift key while drawing to create a proportionate shape, such as a circle or square.

How do you make a 90 degree triangle in InDesign?

To do so, draw a rectangle (it doesn’t have to be the exact size, height, or width you want) and then use the Pen Tool (press P) to click on one of the corners; this corner will be deleted, and you’ll have the perfect right-angled triangle.

How do you make a right-angled triangle in InDesign?

Select the “Pen Tool” from the “Tools” menu or press “P” on your keyboard to draw a right-angled triangle in the upper left corner of your rectangle.

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How do you make an irregular shape in InDesign?

How to Use Adobe InDesign’s Pathfinder Panel to Create Custom Shapes

  1. Go to the Window menu and select Object.

Can you draw on InDesign?

The Pencil tool is similar to the Pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign in that it allows you to draw open and closed paths as if you were drawing with a pencil on paper. It’s best for quick sketching or creating a hand-drawn look, and you can change it at any time.

What is Pen tool?

The Pen tool is probably Adobe Illustrator’s most powerful tool; it allows the artist to create shapes with freeform curves, and most curves found in the “real world” can be duplicated using the Pen tool with practice and skill.

How do you make a perfect triangle?

The simplest method is to draw three 120u00b0 angles around the circle’s center with a protractor, then connect the three points on the circle where the three angles intersect the circumference, resulting in an inscribed equilateral triangle.

How do I draw an arrow in InDesign?

In any case, getting arrows in InDesign is simple once you remember where the command is:

  1. Select the Line tool.
  2. Drag a line with your left mouse button depressed.
  3. Choose a stroke color and line height from the Control panel, if desired.
  4. Open the Stroke panel by selecting Window > Stroke.

How do I draw an angle in InDesign?

Make simple lines and shapes.

  1. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) to draw from the center out.
  2. Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain a line to 45u00b0 angles, or to constrain the width and height of a path or frame to the same proportions.
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Can you draw a perfect triangle?

An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides and three congruent angles, each measuring 60 degrees; however, if you don’t have a compass, you can draw the triangle by measuring each side carefully with a ruler instead of using the circle guide.

Where is the free transform tool InDesign?

The cursor changes to the Free Transform tool when you select it from the Tools panel.

Where is the polygon tool in InDesign?

Double-click the Polygon tool in the Tools panel to open the Polygon dialog box, as shown at the bottom of this figure. Select the Rectangle tool in the Tools panel and hold down the mouse button until the menu pops up.

How do I change shapes in InDesign?

InDesign allows you to edit basic shapes in a few different ways. You can change the size of the shape using the Transform panel.

  1. Select the shape you want to resize with the Selection tool (the solid black arrow tool for selecting objects).
  2. Open the Transform panel by selecting WindowObject and LayoutTransform.

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