Quick Answer: How To Draw A Forest On A Map?

How to Draw Forests — MapEffects | Josh Stolarz

Forestry is a fantastic feature to include on your fantasy map, and all of the brushes I’ll be using are included in the Map Maker Essential Brushes pack for Procreate.
In this example, I’m drawing a line on each side of the trunk, as well as some horizontal lines radiating out from the trunk to give a little ground texture. If you’re working digitally, recolor the line art itself because black tends to look too stark.

How do you make a fantasy map?

Create Fantasy Maps of Your Own

  1. Step 2: Solidify Continent Shapes. Refine the outlines you drew with an eraser.
  2. Step 3: Mountains.
  3. Step 4: Rivers, Lakes, and Forests.
  4. Step 5: Add Cities.
  5. Step 6: Name Areas and Add Final Details.
  6. Step 7: Ink Coastline.
  7. Step 8: Ink Names.

How can I draw a map?

My method for drawing a map is fairly consistent:

  1. Doodle an outline. doodle in the outlines. doodle detail lines. doodle dark areas. doodle overall light and shade. doodle base colors. doodle detailed light and shade. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle label. doodle

How do I create a custom map?

How to Use Google Maps to Make Custom Maps

  1. Select the maps tab to open a new tab with a map that you can customize in one of two ways: by manually drawing points and shapes or by importing a spreadsheet.
  2. Customize your map by drawing.
  3. If prompted, give your point a title and a description.
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What is Wonderdraft?

Wonderdraft is a fantasy map-making program that might be just what you need.

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