Quick Answer: How To Draw A Couch From The Side?

How to Draw a Room with Perspective Drawing Tutorial of a Living Room – How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

This is a semi-complicated drawing tutorial for a 3 point perspective drawing of the inside of a living room. If you are new to perspective drawing, this is a good place to start. If you already know a little bit about perspective, you can enjoy the drawing lesson below.

Step 1

Draw a straight line across a piece of paper with a dot in the center; this will be your vanishing point. There is also a vanishing point to the left (and a right-side vanishing point). Use tape to mark off where the second vanishing point is.

Step 2

Draw a vanishing point on the horizon that is mostly below the horizon line, and then draw lines outwards from the center of the vanishing point, each one going through one of the rectangle’s corners, using a ruler or straight edge to draw lines in the same direction as the vanishing point.

Step 3

Draw a picture of a room in perspective, then add some rectangles and vertical lines (lines that go up and down) to make it look like a topographical map of the country, for example.

Step 4

u2013 With a ruler, draw some more lines towards the center vanishing point, as well as some ovals for the lamp.

Step 5

u2013 Now draw some vertical lines, rectangle-ish shapes, and curved lines. u2013 Take note of where the future couch, fireplace, lamp, pictures, doorway, and window will be.

Step 6

u2013 Draw some lines to the center vanishing points to form parts of the couch, window, doorway, pictures, and baseboard. u2013 Also draw two letter u2018Uu2019 shapes…one for the table lamp and the other for the bottom of the vase.

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Step 7

u2013 Draw some letter u2018Cu2019 like shapes to the tables and couch. u2013 Draw a very long, capital letter u2018Du2019 shape within the lines we drew in the previous step to keep the correct perspective as we draw it.

Step 8

u2013 Continue to fill in the blanks.

Step 9

u2013 Now draw a chair that does not use the center vanishing point. This chair is turned on its side and uses two separate vanishing points, both of which are off the page. One of the vanishing points, we already drew (on the left). Choose a vanishing point for the right side…either drawing a dot or using a piece of tape to mark it.

Step 10

u2013 Now draw some lines towards the vanishing point on the left. u2013 Continue drawing bricks on the fireplace.

Step 11

u2013 Using the lines you drew, continue drawing the chair and ottoman. Draw a #3 u2013 shape for the cushion’s side view. u2013 Draw a?- shape for the lamp’s wire. u2013 Add more bricks to the bottom of the fireplace.

Step 12

u2013 Complete the chair and any other details that require attention.

Finished Drawing of Living Room with Couches, Lamps, Coffee Tables, Chair, Ottoman, and Fireplace

This tutorial was done in 3 point perspective, and you did an amazing job. If you want a more detailed guide to perspective, we have a few here.Technorati Tags: 3 point perspective, perspective, perspective drawing, room p

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