Question: How To Draw Anime Clothes For Beginners?

How to Draw Anime Clothes

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of drawing common types of clothing in both male and female anime/manga styles; the examples shown are of female clothing, but the tips can also be used to draw male clothing.

Anime Clothes

Because anime and manga characters are frequently drawn wearing a variety of outfits hundreds of times, their clothing is often drawn in a simplified manner. Before you begin drawing an outfit, it can be very helpful to study some photos of real clothes to get a general idea of the designs.

How to Start Drawing Anime Clothes

Before you start drawing the clothes, make a basic sketch of the shape and pose.

Drawing an Anime Leather Jacket

Start by drawing the overall shape and major features of an anime style leather jacket on the body, such as the zipper line and collar. In this example, the major folds will be at the shoulder (due to the slightly raised arm) and on the inside of the elbow.

Drawing Anime Jeans

When tight jeans are pulled up, they will almost perfectly hug the shape of the legs; fold folds in tight jeans are usually found at the sides of the knees and at the top between the legs; draw some in those areas for an anime tight jeans drawing example.

Drawing an Anime Shirt

Start by drawing the shirt’s overall shape and major features; if the shirt is fairly tight and has short sleeves, you only need to draw a few folds; if the shirt is anime-themed, you can also draw some folds in the upper stomach area for the same reason.

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Drawing an Anime Skirt

Draw the shape of the fabric, then draw some lines to indicate the proportions of the folds. For more on drawing anime skirts and school clothes, visit

Drawing Anime Sweater or Sweatshirt

Start by drawing the overall shape of the sweater or sweatshirt, including the outline of the major curves and folds. Sweaters and sweatshirts are usually made of soft but fairly thick material and tend to be fairly baggy.

Drawing Anime Sweat Pants

Starting with the overall shape of the pants, there will be very few folds for sweat pants that are fairly baggy and hang down. The only major folds in this example will be on the forward leg, as the pants will hang off of it.


If you’re having trouble drawing anime clothes, take a look at some real-life examples. For more anime clothing tutorials, go to:

Which is the easiest anime character to draw?


  • Pokemon. Assassination Classroom.
  • Character rankings.
  • Disney.
  • Doraemon.
  • Gintama.
  • One Punch Man. pokemon. Assassination Classroom.
  • One Punch Man. pokemon.

Who is the coolest anime character?

The Top 10 Coolest Anime Characters of All Time

  • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)
  • Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
  • Levi (Attack on Titan)
  • Saitama (One Punch Man)
  • Portagas D Ace (One Piece)
  • Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
  • Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter X Hunter)
  • Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins

Who is the easiest anime character to cosplay?

Luffy is one of the most well-known characters today, as well as one of the most straightforward to cosplay.

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How do you draw characters?

Consider the following tips, exercises, and techniques as you learn how to draw a polished character.

  1. Use references.
  2. Be loose.
  3. Use simple shapes.
  4. Apply S-curves and C-curves.
  5. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate.
  6. Check anatomy with a skeleton sketch.
  7. Pay attention to the eyes.

How do you draw a man?

Let’s get started learning how to draw a man!

  1. Draw an oval shape on the upper portion of your paper to create an outline of the man’s head.
  2. Step 2 u2014 Outline the Head and Torso.
  3. Step 3 u2014 Draw Both Arms Attached to the Body.
  4. Step 4 u2014 Next, Draw the Right Leg.
  5. Step 5 u2014 Finally, Finish Drawing Both Legs.

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