Question: How To Draw A Heart With A Lock?

How to draw a beautiful lock which opens a heart

We show you how to draw a lovely lock with a key that opens a heart, so you can make your own hand-made Valentine (don’t forget to sign it beautifully). We already have all the instructions except the last one – draw and create a lock!


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How do I draw heart?

Drawing a Heart Icon is the first of two methods.

  1. Begin drawing the actual line on the left cheek of the heart.
  2. Draw the right cheek.
  3. Erase the outline sketches.
  4. Color the draft.
  5. Add light and shade.
  6. Add a background.

What is a lock verb?

If you close the door, it will automatically lock. lock verb (FASTEN) to fasten something with a key, or to be fastened with a key:

How do I unlock a CAD file?

You can unlock the file if you need to select or move it. Click an empty space on the diagram to deselect anything that is already selected. Right-click, then select CAD Drawing Object > Properties. Deselect the Lock size and position and Lock against deletion checkboxes.

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