Question: How To Draw A Boat On A Lake?

How to Draw a Boat on a Lake on a Cloudy Day

Great landscape drawings often include both natural and man-made elements, and you’ll need to know how to draw a boat on a lake to do so. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to combine the two into one drawing.

Use a Reference Photo of a Boat on a Lake

The reference photo was very helpful in drawing the various parts of the boat. It was taken in Albufera Natural Park, just south of Valencia, Spain. You can use the same concepts you learn in this tutorial to draw similar landscapes with boats and lakes.

Materials Used for This Drawing

If you don’t have some of these materials, that’s fine; you can make do with what you have or improvise if necessary. Affiliate Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links.

How to Draw a Boat on a Lake Video Tutorial

If you’re a member of the Let’s Draw Today Club, you can watch the entire 1 hour and 39 minute tutorial at normal speed, which will walk you through my step-by-step process for drawing a boat on a lake with video clips.

Draw a Basic Outline of the Lake and Boat

With an HB pencil, sketch the basic outline of the boat’s hull; we only see a small sliver of the inside due to the boat’s upward curve; we’ll add more details to the inside and the stern, or back, later.

Draw Landscape Features Surrounding the Lake

Sketch thick and thin shapes across the sky with a very light touch. To draw the tall grass along the lake’s shoreline, shade along and just above the shore with horizontal strokes. Add another layer of grass and shading for more detail.

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Draw an Outline of the Mast and Boom

Place straps where the ropes meet the spars, drawing them with a slight curve to show that they wrap around, and erase all guidelines inside the boat.

Shade the Boom and the Mast

Darken the outline of the mast with a ruler and a 2B pencil, and shade between the straps from the previous steps. Members of the Let’s Draw Today Club can download ready-made outlines, grids, and plot-point downloads for this and other tutorials.

Draw Ropes and Extra Details to the Boat’s Outline

Use the ruler to draw straight lines representing ropes running from the boom to the top of the mast, as well as a short strip of rope hanging from the rear of the boom.

Add Details to the Inside of the Boat

Draw two short ropes near the man and a longer rope near the bow after sketching a basic outline of the boat and shading for the sailors face and jacket.

Shade the Boat

Lightly shade the boat’s hull by erasing a thin strip in the front with a kneaded eraser, then shading beside the strip to sharpen its edge. Make the shading just under the hull’s rim even darker for a cast shadow.

Draw Birds in the Sky

I’m drawing five birds instead of the ten in the reference photo, and I’m going to draw the birds in the sky with a sharp 4B pencil; because the birds are so far away, a silhouette for each bird is all that’s needed.

Begin Drawing Reflections in the Lake

After you’ve finished with the boat and sky, move on to the lake, which is often the most eye-catching element of a landscape drawing, such as this mountain landscape, and you can use the same techniques for any lake drawing you want to make after this one.

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Finish Drawing the Lake

To draw a boat on a lake, start by drawing ripples in the water, then blurring the tones with a blending stump. Outline the shoreline to better define and distinguish the grass from its reflection in the lake. Create streaks across the lake’s surface with graphite accumulated on the blending stump.

Tutorial Recap

On a lake, how do you draw a boat?

Tips to Remember the Next Time You Draw a Boat on a Lake

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to draw more landscapes with water, whether or not they include a boat. Try drawing rowboats, sailboats (with sails), and motorboats; the more you practice and learn about boats, the better you will become.

Try the Extended Tutorial

I go over how to draw the clouds, grass, inside of the boat, reflections, and more in greater detail in this extended version of the Let’s Draw Today tutorial, and you’ll see the real-time video demonstration from which these step-by-step images originated for each step in the extended version.

How do you draw a boy?


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How do you draw ideas?

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