Often asked: How To Draw The Golden State Warriors Logo?

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What is the Golden State Warriors symbol?

A new design of a native American dribbling a basketball with blue wordmark “PHILADELPHIA” in blue on a banner off the “W” and a scripted wordmark “Warriors” in blue, replacing the original Warriors logo of a native American dribbling a yellow basketball with one yellow feather.

What was the Warriors old logo?

In 1947, they debuted their first logo, which featured a cartoon figure of a Native American wearing a yellow feather with a blue tip, a yellow basketball he was dribbling, and three blue lines beneath it. Across the image was the wordmark “Warriors” in yellow.

What does the Lakers logo mean?

The latest Lakers logo consists of a wordmark, “LOS ANGELES LAKERS,” written in a strong purple with stretched lines from the text to symbolize the team’s fast speed, on top of a gold with black outline basketball.

Is the Warriors logo the Golden Gate Bridge?

The current Golden State Warriors logo depicts a silhouette of the San Francisco Bay bridge in the style of retro emblems; the basketball team was previously known as the Philadelphia Warriors, then the San Francisco Warriors, and only recently as the Golden State Warriors.

What does the Miami Heat logo mean?

The hot ball image corresponds to the heat of passion and emotional tension that prevails on the basketball court during matches, and the logo tries to match the club’s name as closely as possible.

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How do you make a warrior cat OC?

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What is the New Orleans Pelicans logo?

The modern club sign features a pelican’s head and wings (front view), a gold-colored basketball, white “NEW ORLEANS” on a blue background, and a red semicircle with the word “PELICANS.” Above is the red fleur-de-lis, also known as the fleur-de-lis.

What is the only NBA team with a logo that features a bridge?

The previous San Francisco Warriors logo, which ran from 1969 to 1971, featured a blue bridge representing the Golden Gate Bridge and a yellow background encircled by a blue ring, with the words u201cThe Cityu201d in blue at the top.

What is the Washington Wizards logo?

The Wizards’ logo features a black “W” as the wizard’s body, a white beard, a gold basketball with black seams in one hand, and a gold star in the other, as well as a crescent gold moon shaped like a basketball, and a blue wordmark “WIZARDS” below the logo.

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