Often asked: How To Draw Supergirl Step By Step?

How to Draw Supergirl

We decided to give you a little tutorial on how to draw them to commemorate their birthdays.

Step 2

We’ll use simple geometric shapes to outline the neck, torso, and arms, and don’t forget to draw two intersecting lines on your face, which will help us draw the facial features of characters like Supergirl from the comic book series.

Step 3

Now we’ll add the most basic details, such as eyes and lips, which will be drawn in the same way.

Step 4

Draw the outlines of Supergirl’s eyes, nose, and mouth, then the outlines of her face and long hair. Remove all unnecessary lines from the head and draw the character using intersecting lines for the second step.

Step 5

Draw the outlines of Supergirl’s upper body with clear and smooth lines, then erase all of the guidelines from the torso and draw the logo on the chest. Finally, draw the outline of the neck, taking into account all of the curves, as shown in the example below.

Step 6

We will learn how to draw strong but thin but very strong arms in this step-by-step drawing lesson. Remember to remove all unnecessary guidelines from the arms and consider all the curves of all the muscles in the arms when drawing them.

Step 7

If you’ve already drawn Supergirl’s upper body, now it’s time to draw her lower body, which includes the skirt and legs. Don’t forget to make the lines of the legs as smooth as they are in our example.

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Step 8

In this lesson, we’ll apply shadows to Supergirl using the classic hatching technique. To keep up with all of our drawing lessons, follow us on social media.

How do you draw Superman’s logo?

Draw an upside down equilateral triangle – a triangle with all sides the same length – on top of the triangle, then draw a trapezoid on top of it. Slant two short, straight lines upwards from the triangle’s points, then connect them with a straight line.

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