Often asked: How To Draw A Slice Of Pie?

How to Draw a Pie

A pie is a dessert or entree made by lining a baking dish with pastry and filling it with fruits, custards, or meats; other popular flavors include pecan pie, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, and shoofly pie.

​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing a ​​​Pie

Begin by drawing an obtuse scalene triangle with no two sides the same length. Next, draw icing dripping from the top of the pie and connecting it to the inside of the crust. Next, draw a teardrop shape using two curved lines, but do not completely enclose the shape. Finally, decorate your pie with sprinkles by drawing small circles across the top.

How do you draw a pie chart with percentages?

To make a pie chart with decimal numbers, add all of the numbers together, then divide each individual number by that sum to get more decimal numbers, which you can then multiply by 100 to get percentages for each number.

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