Often asked: How To Draw A Realistic Head Shape?

Drawing a Realistic Head: Bringing Faces to Life

Heads and faces are some of the most difficult things to draw, so for this week’s Portraits workshop, let’s concentrate on drawing better facial features and a realistic head.

1. Know your proportions

You can imagine them as being egg-shaped, with a tapered end toward the bottom; however, this varies depending on the individual and the angle from which you are viewing them.

2. Refine the jawline

If you’re drawing a woman, the shape of her mouth might suffice to describe her jawline; if you’re drawing a man, let’s say he has a slightly more angular jaw and flatter chin, and we’ll also bring out the jawline.

3. Where to place the eyes?

The eyes are about halfway between the bottom of the jaw and the top of the head; as anyone with a receding hairline knows, there is a lot of head above the eyes. But how far apart should the eyes be? How big should they be?

4. A good rule of thumb is that the head is about 5 eyes wide

In a two-by-two portrait, the bridge of the nose should be about the same width as the face on either side of the eyes.

5. Now let’s place the ears

Draw the ears just above the eyes and down to a point almost halfway between the eyes and the bottom of the jaw; the ears can stick out a lot or a little depending on the person, so there’s no good rule for that.

6. Add the nose

Keep in mind that the sides of this guy’s nose extend a little past the inside corners of his eyes when looking at him.

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8. Eyebrow placement

They are typically wider than the eye below it and taper toward the nose bridge, where they also taper downward.

9. Don’t make the mistake of placing the hair on the very top of the head!

Adjust the jawline to be a little more rounded, make the ears a little smaller, and the neck a little narrower. The hairline is typically about a quarter to a third of the way from the top of the head to the eyebrows; these proportions work just as easily for a woman.

What is the perfect head shape?

The oval is the most popular and considered the “ideal” face shape.

How do you draw a female face?

Let’s get started learning how to draw a girl’s face.

  1. Step 2 u2014 Draw the Ears.
  2. Step 3 u2014 Add Hair to the Face.
  3. Step 4 u2014 Next, Draw the Eyes.
  4. Step 5 u2014 Then, Draw the Nose.
  5. Step 6 u2014 Draw a Bright Smile on the Face.
  6. Step 7 u2014 Next, Add an Eyebrow.
  7. Step 8 u2014 Add a Blush to the Cheeks.

How do you draw a realistic face with a girl?


  1. To make the head, draw an oval and divide it into three sections.
  2. Draw the eyes on the top horizontal line.
  3. Add pupils and eyelashes to the eyes.
  4. Draw an arched eyebrow above each eye.
  5. Draw the tip of the nose along the bottom horizontal line.
  6. Softly define the bridge and tip of the nose with shading.

Can I reshape my head?

Skull reshaping, also known as contouring of the skull or augmentation of the back of the head, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the skull and gives it a more uniform shape, such as an oblong shape.

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How can I make my head more round?

Pinning longer hair to your head can make your face appear rounder on occasion; if you want this look every day, consider cutting your hair to a chin-length bob and styling it in a circular shape every day. Long head shapes can be offset with longer hairstyles.

What is normal baby head shape?

Because parents spend so much time with their children, recognizing an abnormal head shape can be challenging. We’ve found that seeing examples of normal head shapes before looking at abnormal ones can be helpful. Normally, the head is about 1/3 longer than it is wide, and the back is rounded.

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