Often asked: How To Draw A Monster Step By Step?

How to Draw A Monster – A Step by Step Guide

Whether it’s giant lizards terrorizing cities or tiny gremlins wreaking havoc, people have created all kinds of terrifying beasts over the years. If you want to make your own monster, keep reading!

Step 1

Part 1 of How to Draw a Monster: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Monster is to start with the top of the head and draw two wavy lines for the horns.

How do you start drawing monsters?

How to Draw Better Creatures in 17 Ways

  1. Create thumbnails. When you’re creating thumbnails, have fun with shapes.
  2. Keep exploring. Done with thumbnails?
  3. Look beyond the norm for inspiration.
  4. Mix the familiar with the new.
  5. Combine real-world insects.
  6. Think carefully about the head.

How do you make a creepy monster?

What is the Best Way to Write a Monster?

  1. Give your monster some backstory. It may not exist in the real world, but it still requires some logic.
  2. Leave room for the imagination.
  3. Give it a name.
  4. Make it difficult to kill.

How do you draw a creepy clown easy?

Drawing a Scary Clown: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Begin by drawing a circle.
  2. Above the circle, draw two sets of curved lines to outline the brow.
  3. Begin by drawing a long, curved line beneath the nose.
  4. Outline the mouth, drawing new lines parallel to those previously drawn.

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