Often asked: How To Draw A Block Letter M?

How to Draw Block Letters for Beginners

This is a simple lesson for beginners that will teach you how to draw the word ART, but you can adapt it to any word you want to draw. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase something through these links at no additional cost to you.

A in Block Letters

Draw your first letter in whatever style you want, then draw lines that are equal distances away from your initial letter, rotating your paper as you draw to ensure even line placement. Do this for both the outside and inside of your A.

R in Block Letters

If you’re drawing a U, make sure your first letter touches the top and bottom guidelines, then repeat for the next letter, in this case an R. There are many different ways to draw the letters, so don’t be afraid to add some flair to yours.

How to Draw Block Letter T

To complete your T, draw it until it reaches the top and bottom guidelines, then repeat the process as you did with the previous letters.

Block Letter Drawing

Next, trace over your pencil lines with a black marker. There are so many ways to finish your letters at this point, but I decided to add some Zentangles to mine. If you’re not familiar with the Zentangle method, I highly recommend it.

How to Draw Block Letters

I wish you a wonderful day and hope that you are inspired to make some art of your own.

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What is block letter example?

The letter was handwritten in all block letters with a return address of Denver, and the jersey has big, block letters spelling out DALLAS.

How do you make good block letters?

Tracing can also be used to learn block letters.

  1. Choose a typestyle that you like, one with bold, thick letters.
  2. Using tracing paper, trace over the letters, only tracing the outline of the letters, and you’ve got easy and precise block letters in no time.
  3. Continue with your piece as usual.

Are block letters capital letters?

Block letters is also a synonym for block capitals, which refers to writing all capital letters or large and small capital letters in the style of typeset capital letters.

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