Often asked: How To Adjust Draw Weight On A Pse Bow?

How to adjust the draw length and draw weight on a pse compound bow?

Draw length can be adjusted with or without a bow press on PSE compound bows, and always remember the standard or standard setting of your PSE Compound Bow’s poundage or pull settings.
The draw lengths are coded as letters, starting with the letter “A” for the longest draw length. Moving up to the next letter usually shortens the draw length by 1/2, and the higher the letter, the shorter your draw length will be. The Evolve ECS is one of the most recent PSE Compound Bow models.
The Fixed Peak Weight Setting maintains the same peak draw weight as the bow’s draw length is adjusted, while the Grow With You option allows the draw weight to lighten as the bow’s draw length is adjusted. PSE Compound Bows typically use two rotating inner cam settings.

Can bow draw weight be adjusted?

Take your compound bow to an archery shop to have the draw weight adjusted. A bow technician will evenly tighten the limb bolts and check the draw weight. Increasing the draw weight can change the tuning of your arrow, so you’ll probably need to adjust your sight.

How do you adjust the draw length on a PSE compound bow?

To change the draw length on the ECS, loosen the two 8-32 size 15 Torxu00ae screws holding the module to the cam about 1-1/2 turns, then move the module to the desired setting (which will be in the window labeled “DL”) on both top and bottom cams.

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How do you increase the draw weight on a PSE Stinger?

Turn each limb bolt in half and shoot a few arrows; this will give you your upper limit of draw weight you can pull and shoot accurately; if you drop down five pounds in draw weight, you will have to resight.

Is 70 lb draw too much?

A bow with a peak weight of 70 pounds and an 80% let-off, for example, should have a holding weight of around 14 pounds. Being able to hold a bow at full draw for 30 seconds is great, but if you’re shaking, struggling, and exhausted at the end of that time, you won’t be able to make an ethical shot.

What determines the draw weight of a bow?

Draw weight is the amount of force required to pull a bow, and it is measured in pounds. Recurves and longbows have incrementally heavier draw weights as they are pulled further, with 28 inches of draw length serving as the standard for determining draw weight.

How fast is a PSE brute bow?

It’s 33 1/2″ long and can launch arrows at IBO speeds of 312-320 fps. PSE ships the Brute with a 29″ draw, but you can change the inner modules of its HP single cam to fit anyone with a draw of 25″-30″ simply by changing the inner modules.

Is PSE Stinger a good bow?

The Stinger is a great hunting bow for the money because it has everything you need: speed, consistency, and accuracy for under $300. With six inches of draw length adjustment, this bow can fit a wide range of shooters and could be a good first bow for beginners.

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What year did the PSE Stinger come out?

The 2012 Stinger 3G Ready to Shoot Right Hand 60 Lb Bow is a very quick and accurate workhorse of a bow that we completely redesigned from the ground up from our extremely popular Stinger.

Is a 50lb bow too much?

Archers shooting takedown recurves or longbows can usually get lighter limbs to drop some draw weight, but those shooting one-piece recurves or longbows will have to switch bows.

Does draw weight affect accuracy?

Poundage has no bearing on accuracy; however, it does have an impact on range and arrow drop, which can affect accuracy if you don’t compensate.

What year is my PSE bow?

Locate the data sticker on the inside of the lower limb of the PSE bow, near the handle. The data sticker identifies the bow and allows the manufacturer to access information about it, such as the year, make, and model. Call PSE’s customer service line at 520-884-9065.

Can you adjust the let off on a compound bow?

Unless the draw weight is too much for you, 70% should suffice; on most compound bows, poundage can be adjusted to some extent. Draw length is another consideration.

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