How To Draw Wood With Colored Pencils?

How to Draw Realistic Wood Grain Details with Colored Pencils

To render wood grain, I’ll be using Prismacolor thick lead pencils and heavyweight white drawing paper. EmptyEasel has made it easier for artists to have their own website. Click here to learn more and get your own simple art website!

1. Always find a good resource

Different woods have different grain patterns, densities, and colors, so choosing the right one requires a lot of thought.

2. Start by drawing your board outlines

I prefer Prismacolor Raw Umber, but any color will do as long as it’s a light colored pencil. Leave some areas of the paper blank, such as on either side of the line where two boards meet.

3. Draw the wood grain and knots

The illusion of light coming from inside the wood grain is created by a few cracks radiating from the knot in the middle of the plank.

4. Add extra detail by drawing old nails and cracks

I sketched in the wood grain with a freshly sharpened pencil and light pressure after adding nails; at this point, I’m more concerned with establishing the shape and placement of wood grain than creating detail, so I’ve only used Raw Umber.

5. Layer more colors into the wood, nails, and knots

In Section A, I used Sienna Brown as the base color, Dark Umber for the shaded edge, and Jasmine for the lighted edge of the nail. In Section B, I used the tip of the pencil to apply layers of Warm Gray 60% to create overlapping, vertical strokes.

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Can you use Coloured pencils on wood?

If you use colored pencils on wood, it will last just as long as if you use the best, most lightfast pencils you have.

How do you seal colored pencils on wood?

When finished, spray colored pencils and graphite with a spray fixative like Krylonu00ae UV Resistant Clear Coating #1309 (Matte) or #1305 (Gloss).

What do you use to blend oil based colored pencils?

Tortillons (also known as blending stumps) are simply wound up pieces of compressed paper that can work with both wax and oil based colored pencils. This is by far the most “physical” way to blend your colored pencils.

How do you Watercolor a pencil tree?

Kittie Caracciolo’s Watercolor Pencil Tree

  1. Begin by drawing in a faint tree trunk and then forming the outline of the tree with the lightest green color.
  2. Fill in spaces with a medium green.
  3. Fill in with a darker green.
  4. Choose a dark blue green and fill in to create more shading and depth.

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