How To Draw Fire With Colored Pencils?

How to Draw Fire in Color – Step by Step

I’ll break down the progression and form of fire in easy-to-follow steps in this guide, but first, you’ll need the right tools for drawing fire.


If you want to learn how to draw with Adobe Illustrator, here are a few resources to help you get started.


To draw the construction lines and underdrawing, you’ll need pencils; I usually use a graphite pen in the range of HB to 6B; it’s just important that you use a pen that you can easily erase later on – it’s very easy to make a mistake.

Tools for Coloring

Color pencils were used, but watercolors, acrylic paint, or crayons could also be used; just make sure your paper can handle the medium you want to use – don’t use regular paper if it can’t handle a wet medium.


If you want to color your drawing with pencils, you’ll need thicker paper; if you want to use a wet medium like watercolor or paint, regular sketching paper will suffice; however, your paper should be white and not brownish for this drawing because the color effect will look better on full white paper.


Any regular eraser will suffice, but I recommend using a kneadable eraser rather than a regular one because it will not damage the paper underneath.

How to Draw a Fire in Color?

Look at fire and see if you can find any forms that repeat a lot. Remember these shapes and use them in your drawing to make it look more like fire right away. This tip, by the way, is useful for any part of drawing in general.

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Step 1: Drawing the Center of the Fire

We’ll start by drawing the flame’s very center, then add details to make it look more realistic and represent the fire’s core.

Part 2: Let´s Draw The Middle Part of the Flame

Next, behind our flame core and a little higher up, we’ll add another shape that’s very similar to the precious shape, and as our final shape for the middle part of the flame, we’ll add another bigger shape behind the two shapes. The lines are getting very chaotic in the top part of our flame, but that’s intentional.

Step 3: The Edge of Our Flame

The smaller the shapes become as you climb higher, giving the impression that the fire is moving.

Step 4: Let´s Color Our Fire.

Next, choose the colors you want to use to color your drawing. I used colored pencils, but you could also use watercolors. As we move away from the center of the fire and closer to the edge, the color becomes more redder. Next, fill in the bottom part of the edge-shape of our flame with the most saturated color.

What happens if you light a colored pencil on fire?

Pencil lead will not burn effectively for two reasons: clay is non-combustible and smothers any fire load; and even if you had pure graphite to burn, a simple flame would not be hot enough to combust it; pure carbon requires temperatures of around to burn.

How do you make colored fire?

How to Make Fire Look Different

  1. Dissolve the colorants in alcohol and soak logs in the liquid.
  2. Dissolve the colorants in water and soak pinecones, rolled newspapers, sawdust, or cork in the liquid, then allow the fuel to dry before adding it to a fire for a pop of color.
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What happens if you burn pencil graphite?

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are produced when graphite is burned, with carbon dioxide being the gas that you exhale when you breathe. Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, is poisonous.

What happens if you smoke graphite?

Excessive exposure to graphite dust over a long period of time can lead to Graphitosis, a type of pneumoconiosis in which inhaled graphite particles are retained in the lungs and bronchi.

What happens if u burn a pencil?

Because graphite is only carbon, burning it will convert it to CO2.

How do you shade a flame?

Shade the candle with a hard and a soft pencil; the closer it is to the flame, the brighter it should be.

How do you make fire with graphite?

How to Make a Pencil Drawing of Fire

  1. Sketch the flame you want to make.
  2. Get some graphite powder and smudge it around and inside the flames.
  3. Use the same tool you used to smudge the background to make a few curvy smooth upwards lines.

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