How To Draw Curly Hair In A Ponytail?

How to Draw Curly Hair

Draw an outline of the head and shoulders. Decide on the type of curl you want for your drawing and the direction the curls fall. Add shadows to the hair around the part and by the neck. Lighten the hair as a whole where the most light would hit. If you’re using materials, you can easily layer lighter colors on top, leaving the highest points of the hair without color.

How do you draw realistic lips?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw lips in the frontal view.

  1. Refine the outline and show the volume in the lower lip with two ovals.
  2. Add a shadow for the upper and lower lips with the HB pencil.
  3. Add some shading and tone to the whole drawing.
  4. Add the lines on the lips.

How do you draw realistic hair?

Hair that is straight

  1. Apply the Darks.
  2. Blend, Reapply Darks, and Lift.
  3. Lay in the Shape.
  4. Build up the Hair Strands.
  5. Blend and Lift.
  6. Draw the Shapes.
  7. Create the Hair Strands.
  8. Create the Hair Strands.

What do anime hair colors mean?

And hair color is one of the first and most important, especially when dealing with female characters; in most cases, the color of an anime character’s hair is supposed to be a hint towards their personality and role in the plot, rather than reflecting some natural hair color or a racial stereotype.

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