How To Draw A Whale For Kids?

How to Draw a Humpback Whale

Although all whales are fascinating creatures, it’s good practice to notice how different they are from each other. Most generic drawings of whales tend to have the blunt end Sperm whale shape, but Blue, Gray, and Humpback whales have mouths that look more like this.


Start with the top curve and work your way down. Add a mouth line and a tail. Draw lines on the belly and two fins as shown. Erase fin lines and add water and sky. Trace with marker and color.

What color is the whale?

The majority of whales are various shades of light to dark grey, blue, and black, which may lighten or darken as the whale ages; however, some whale species may appear brownish, and the beluga whale is born white.

What Colour is a blue whale?

The blue whale has a long body and a slender shape, and their mottled blue-gray color appears light blue under water, hence the name.

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