How To Draw A Light Bulb Step By Step?

How to Draw a Light Bulb Step by Step

You may need to erase some small parts of the drawing in one of the steps, so use a pencil until you finish the line drawing – you can darken the lines later.

Step 1 – Draw the Glass Done of the Light Bulb

How do you draw a light bulb’s glass? It should have a fairly round upper part and a narrower section towards the bottom, with the underside flat to give it a uniform thickness.

Step 2 – Draw the Base

Draw the light bulb’s base in the shape of a dome, divided into two sections with the upper section slightly wider than the lower one and an angled bottom to help you draw the angle of the base later on when drawing the screw threads.

Step 3 – Draw the Bottom

Draw the bottom of a light bulb’s base, narrowing as it goes down and ending with a “bumpy” part (the electrical connector) at the end.

Step 4 – Draw the Screw Threads

Add some screw threads along the base of a light bulb, at the same angle as the upper part of the base drawn earlier; if you don’t want the threads to be too close together, erase some small parts of the outline where they’re overlapped by the threads.

Step 5 – Draw the Glass Base

Draw a light bulb glass mount with a wider part at the bottom, a narrower part, and a “cap like” shape at the top, then insert the glass base (which will support the inner wires added in the next step).

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Step 6 – Draw the Support Wires

Draw some support wires from the glass base, with a thicker pair going up from the thicker part of the base and a thinner pair going from the very top.

Step 7 – Draw the Filament & Finish the Line Drawing

To make a light bulb line drawing, connect the wires with a few curved lines to show the filament, then go over it with a black pen or marker, or simply darken the lines with a pencil once you’re satisfied.

Step 8 – Color the Light Bulb

If you’re drawing a light bulb, the glass part can be yellow or light grey, depending on whether you want to show the light bulb on or off; you can add the greys with a regular pencil (or whatever coloring method you prefer).


A light bulb is not particularly complicated, but it does have some detail along its base; some light bulbs may differ slightly in design, but a traditional light bulb, such as this one, will typically have the parts shown in the examples. For more similar tutorials, see:.

How do you draw a simple light bulb?

Let’s get started drawing a light bulb!

  1. Step 2 u2014 Make a rough sketch of the light bulb.
  2. Step 3 u2014 Fine-tune the outline of the light bulb.
  3. Step 4 u2014 Now, draw the First Layer of the Bulb’s Cap.
  4. Step 5 u2014 Finally, draw the Second Layer of the Base.

Can onion light a bulb?

California onion bulbs will now power light bulbs in the new world of renewable energy, as the common vegetable has evolved from a simple food stock to a mini-power plant. OXNARD, Calif., July 17, 2009 u2013 In the new world of renewable energy, California onion bulbs will now power light bulbs u2013 the common vegetable has transitioned from a simple food stock to a mini-power plant.

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What makes the bulb light up?

When a light bulb is connected to an electrical power supply, an electrical current flows from one metal contact to the next, heating up the filament as it passes through the wires and into the filament, which then emits photons, which are small packets of visible light.

What makes a bulb glow?

The filament of an electric bulb glows due to the heating effect of electric current, which heats the filament, which emits light, and causes it to heat up and become red-hot, causing it to glow, converting electrical energy into light energy.

How do you color a light bulb drawing?

After that, you can darken the lines.

  1. Step 1: Draw the Light Bulb’s Glass. Step 2: Draw the Base. Step 3: Draw the Bottom.
  2. Step 4: Draw the Screw Threads.
  3. Step 5: Draw the Glass Base.
  4. Step 6: Draw the Support Wires.
  5. Step 7: Draw the Filament.

Can I make my own light bulb?

You’ll need eight D-sized batteries, a mason jar or other clear glass, electrical tape, a pie pan, scissors, a toilet paper tube, mechanical pencil refills, small alligator clips, and adult supervision to make your own lightbulb.

What materials are used to make a light bulb?

The incandescent light bulb is made up of only a few materials: metal, glass, and inert gas, which when combined form a light bulb that provides us with light. These three materials are combined in a specific way to make the bulb emit light.

How do you make a light without electricity?

Without Electricity, How Do You Light Your Home?

  1. Oil Lamps.
  2. Solar Lights.
  3. Flashlights and Battery Powered Lamps.
  4. Solar Panels and LED Lights.
  5. Outdoor Lighting.
  6. A Combination of Them All.

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